Dota 2: SEA Closed Qualifiers Results

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Dota 2: SEA Closed Qualifiers Results

ESTNN's Veselin Ignatov walks fans through the results of the SEA TI 9 Closed Qualifiers.

After several days of amazing drama, the SEA open and closed qualifiers are finally over. As expected, it all came down to Mineski and Team Jinesbrus to determine which team will head to Shanghai for TI 9. In the end, Mineski will be joining the other two best SEA teams right now – Fnatic and TNC.


Mineski & Jinesbrus’s road to success

The SEA powerhouse decided to make a roster change just before these qualifiers by adding one of the best Bulgarian players right now – Nikobaby. Having said that, the team definitely did not shine during the Group Stage. They made many errors which could have led to their demise, but, in the end, they managed to prevail.

On the other hand, Febby and Co. completely ripped through the competition in the groups. However, they lost their first game in the Playoffs against Mineski, which forced them to fight for their survival until they secured a place in the Grand Final.

During the playoffs, Mineski had little to no trouble dealing with Team Jinesbrus as they ripped through their enemies. However, the drama meter was very high against Team Adroit. Not only did the favorites drop the first game of the series, but they were nearly on the edge of dropping the second one, too.

Despite that, several unsuccessful plays from Team Adroit gave Mineski the chance and they took the game. Having the mental advantage on their side, they also took the third game and a spot at the Grand Final.


The Grand Final

Niko and Co. had to face Febby’s stack once again, but, this time the stakes were much higher. The first game between the two teams was fairly even during the early stages. However, as soon as Jinesbrus got the lead, Mineski was just unable to recover. After all, in the case of a Huskar and Omni, if you fail to get an early lead, the game is pretty much over.

Realizing their mistakes, they went into game two with a different mindset. After picking some of their most comfortable heroes, Mineski had a relatively easy time and brought to series into a game three.

Unlike the previous two games, this one was a walk in the park for the ex-MVP players. They had a very aggressive lineup which Mineski had no way to deal with. In less than 30 minutes, kpii and his teammates were brought to their knees.

Despite the heavy loss, Mineski looked absolutely on fire in the next two games of the series. They were able to win both of them in around 40 minutes, which meant only one thing – they will be going to Shanghai for the biggest event in Dota 2 – The International 2019.

Following this qualifiers, all SEA teams are set. However, there are still plenty of games that are about to begin in other regions. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the action, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest esports news.

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Dota 2: SEA Closed Qualifiers Results
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