Dota 2: Sccc Leaves EHOME, Ahjit Replaces Him

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Dota 2: Sccc Leaves EHOME, Ahjit Replaces Him

We are just two weeks before the beginning of the Upper Division of the Chinese Regional League and we still have loads of roster changes.

After the series of roster changes that took place in CIS, it is now time to check out everything new that’s happening in China. The most interesting change, currently, is Song “Sccc” Chun’s departure from EHOME.

The Departure

The ex-Newbee superstar joined the team back in September during the big Chinese roster changes. In case you don’t remember, EHOME completely changes its roster back then, and Sccc was one of the newest additions to the team.

Sadly, the player didn’t have much time to shine because he decided to take a break after just one month. There were rumors that he’d join Elephant (the newly-formed squad), but this didn’t happen. Instead, he remained a part of EHOME until today, when the Chinese team announced his departure.

After the change, EHOME quickly managed to find a new player to replace him, and that’s Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son.  The fast reaction doesn’t come as a surprise because the Chinese powerhouse is one of the four invited teams for the Dota Pro Circuit China Regional League Upper Division.

Ahjit was a part of LGD.International, where he played in multiple tournaments. However, the global pandemic didn’t have a positive effect on this roster. That’s why Ahjit was forced to remain inactive for several months.

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Dota 2: Sccc Leaves EHOME, Ahjit Replaces Him
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