Dota 2: Reach now accepts Divine Players

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Dota 2: Reach now accepts Divine Players

DotaBuff & ESL's new Dota 2 league have announced they'll now be accepting divine ranked players.

In case you didn’t know, DotaBuff & ESL launched a new Dota 2 league called Reach. Reach will mainly focused on tier two and tier three players, offering them a place to “shine.” Apart from exposure, the best players in this league will also have the opportunity to earn some pretty decent cash prizes, making it possible to basically “sustain” themselves from Dota 2.

Although Reach is still in Beta, there are a lot of changes that happened to it. According to the announcement, code transformations have been added, as well as new tools.

Reach welcomes Divine Players

In addition to the changes, Reach is now also inviting any Divine or above player to participate. Previously, the Dota 2 league only accepted Immortal players.

Divine level players will be put into the “Contender tiers” of play and may be promoted to Pinnacle tier by placing high through each subsequent sprint, according to the official information.

In order to play in Reach, you need to prove that you meet the requirements. The easiest way of doing so is to let DotaBuff have access to your profile.

Updates to Reach

According to DotaBuff, Reach is currently working on paying the winners from the first few weeks. There are also new changes such as a better matchmaker, and an adjusted scoring system, among others.

The goal of Reach for the following weeks will be to finalize the Pinnacle division so that they can prepare it for Season 1. As you know, the Dota 2 league is currently in Beta, which is why there are so many changes all the time.

We are very excited about Reach's official launch. After all, it seems to be one of the best tools to support the tier 2 scene right now.

Dota 2: Reach now accepts Divine Players
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