Dota 2 Razor Guide – Using the Hottest Hero in 7.32d

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Dota 2 Razor Guide – Using the Hottest Hero in 7.32d

Razor is dominating the meta since the latest Dota 2 patch, 7.32d. Check out our handy guide to dominate your next pub with him!

The Dota 2 patch 7.32d brought some changes to the game, and as expected, certain heroes became much stronger than others. Despite the fact that Razor did not receive as many new things as others, he became one of the strongest heroes in the game. According to some stats, Razor increased his win rate by more than 10%, which is mind-blowing.

Speaking of the devil, this Dota 2 Razor guide will show you some things you must be aware of when using the hero. Even though this is a popular mid-laner and carry, Razor can also be used as an offlaner, which is good news for PUBs. That said, let’s learn more about him and how he works.


Razor is a ranged AGI hero that people usually go for when they want to win the lane. He is incredibly strong in a 1v1 format, meaning he is an excellent midder. That said, the hero can work in the other 2 core roles when needed. In fact, most players often pick him as a carry and give the offlaner no chance of winning.

While we are on the topic of offlaners, most people who pick Razor in patch 7.32d choose this lane. Even though they do not get as much farm as in others, the new item build that players focus on is extremely effective.

Regardless of which Item Build you go for, you will have to get a Black King Bar. Razor is a hero that needs uptime to be effective, so he needs the spell immunity.

Item Builds

Generally speaking, Razor is a hero that can be played in 2 ways. The first requires you to get traditional carry items, such as a Shadow Blade, Butterfly, BKB, etc. However, some people who read this Dota 2 Razor guide will want to get the team-fight items, such as Meck, Pipe, and things like that. While it is true that these two work really well, Dota 2’s patch 7.32d changed a lot of things and people “unlocked” the Magical Damage Razor.

The new meta

It might seem strange, but the hottest Item Build right now requires people to get items that allow Razor to do more damage with his abilities. One of the core items for this build is Bloodstone, which is strange, considering that the item got nerfed. As you probably know, Dota 2’s latest patch removed 50 HP and mana from BS, which already had an effect on some heroes.

The reason why Bloodstone is so good on Razor right is because of the spell lifesteal. When you combine this with the hero’s ultimate, he becomes almost unkillable and can survive in every team fight. As you can imagine, this makes him really dangerous.

Aside from BS, players also go for Aghanim’s Shard, as well as Aghanim’s Scepter. The shard is incredibly strong because it allows the hero’s Storm Surge to slow and do damage when someone targets with abilities. As for the scepter, Razor can attack 2 different units with his Eye of the Storm. 

When used together, these 3 items allow the hero to do a lot of magical damage, which is good news for his Bloodstone. 

Heroes to be aware of

Even though Razor is the hottest hero in Dota 2 right now, and he has always been a strong laner, there are several counters that you need to be aware of. Some of the heroes are good during the laning stage, whereas others are really strong throughout the game.

When discussing counters in this Razor Dota 2 guide, we must include Templar Assassin. Although Static Link can make her life really hard, Razor has nothing to deal with the hero’s refraction. In other words, a good TA player can easily dominate the lane against the hero and even kill him because of her high damage.

The second option on the list is another name that got tons of changes in 7.32d, and that is Viper. He is notorious as one of the strongest lakers in the game, so it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that he can deal with Razor. Viper has more range and can harass the hero all the time. What’s more, he can farm faster.

Broodmother is another name that Razor players need to be aware of, especially if they go mid. While it is true that Plasma Field can deal with the Spiders early on, once Brood gets this ability to level 6, she can annihilate Razor. The hero has no way of dealing with her, meaning that she will win the lane with little to no effort.

General Tips & Tricks

Whether you want to play with Razor now or in any other patch, you need to be aware of a couple of important things. The hero is usually strong and can do well against most enemies, but he does not have the ability to farm fast. Some people try to get Midas to make up for it, but this is not always worth it.

Since he is not the fastest farmer in the game, you have to do everything you can in the early game and avoid getting stomped. Although he does not need as much farm as other carries, he has to get a few items to be effective. Needless to say, it all comes down to timing, so you need to be careful.

Another important thing to remember about Razor is that the hero is often the team’s tank during a fight. Since he needs to get close to his enemies to use Static Link, Razor often becomes the go-to target for the enemies. You have to be prepared for this and get items that will allow you to survive as long as possible.. That’s one of the reasons why some Razor players get things like Vanguard, and almost everyone buys a Black King Bar.

Dota 2 Razor Guide – Using the Hottest Hero in 7.32d
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