Dota 2 Queen Of Pain DPS Guide – Uncommon Builds

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Dota 2 Queen Of Pain DPS Guide – Uncommon Builds

Let’s take a look at how you can play one of the most popular spellcaster mids in Dota 2 as a devastating right-clicker with our Queen of Pain DPS Guide

Since the old days of Dota and Dota 2, Queen Of Pain has always stood out as a mid Hero who relies on her powerful nuking spells for most of her damage output. Regardless, in the everchanging mechanics of Dota 2, nothing is ever truly set in stone, as demonstrated by many pro-players who devastate enemies with a never-before-seen playstyle. This guide will be going into details on how you can play Queen of Pain(QoP) as a monstrous right-clicker too.

Queen of Pain DPS Guide

Dota 2 Queen Of Pain Right-Click Guide - Uncommon Builds

QoP has the tools necessary to be a potent presence on the map as well as be a late-game beast. Players have been experimenting with right-click based builds on the Hero, especially after the introduction of Talent Trees. No single playstyle gained prominence though, until now! This guide will teach you how to abuse right-click QoP and dominate your games!

Skill Build And Talent Tree

  • Take Shadow Strike at level 1 and skill Blink at level 2
  • If you are winning in trades, upgrade Shadow Strike up to level 3, otherwise keep it at level 2
  • Max out Scream of Pain in order to farm, keep Blink at level 1 or 2
  • Skill and upgrade Sonic Wave at levels 6, 12 and 18

QoP’s talent tree selection is very important, her level 10 and 15 talents are essential when playing right-click builds. You should take all of her talents as soon as they are available.

  • Level 10: +8 Strength
  • Level 15: +30 Attack Speed
  • Level 20: -40s Sonic Wave Cooldown
  • Level 25: -2s Blink Cooldown

Itemization And Power Spikes

Here are the items to buy on right-click Queen of Pain.

  • Starting Items: Circlet, Iron Branch (x3), Faerie Fire, Tango (1 set)
  • Early Game Items: Magic Wand, Power Treads, Infused Raindrops, Robe of the Magi
  • Mid Game Items: Witch Blade, Desolator, Black King Bar, Kaya
  • Late Game Items (Situational):  Daedalus, Gleipnir, Bloodthorn, Sange and Kaya, Revenant’s Broach, Scythe of Vyse, Boots of Travel


Queen of Pain is a very versatile Hero in the lane and in the game as well. She can do just about everything from ganking, pushing side lanes, playmaking, solo hunting and much more. QoP is very strong in the lane, especially since Stifling Dagger also heals her for a percentage of damage deal. Abuse this to the fullest to squeeze out an advantage in lanes. Trade a lot and force the enemy carry to buy additional regen or die from the chip damage.

After the laning stage, you can move around the map and help your team with ganks. You can also take the role of pushing out side lanes if your team wants to delay the game and play for later timings. Put emphasis on showing up to large teamfights, but don’t commit until you are sure that the fight is secured. Play around the edge of the fight and put a high priority on staying alive. QoP is quite squishy, so you need good positioning and avoid being the center of attention in fights. You will end up doing the highest amount of damage in most fights simply by kiting around and staying alive throughout fights.

Stay Tuned For More Uncommon Builds

Give this Right-Click build a shot and take the enemy team by surprise. With that being said, stay tuned for more as we will post soon!

Dota 2 Queen Of Pain DPS Guide – Uncommon Builds
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