Dota 2: QQQ Leaves LGD, FY to Miss Time

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Dota 2: QQQ Leaves LGD, FY to Miss Time

PSG.LGD is now without their head coach.

The post-TI9 shuffle is in full swing, and even PSG.LGD isn't immune. This morning, PSG.LGD announced that head coach Yao “QQQ” Yi has left the team. The talented Chinese player joined LGD way back in the early months of 2017. After his addition, LGD’s result really started to kick in. The Chinese powerhouse finished fifth in the last three TIs, a clear sign that QQQ’s work was paying off. Unfortunately, the TI 8 runner-ups will have to rely only on their other coach for now – Yao “Yao” Zhengzheng.

Xu “fy” Lisen to Miss Time

As if QQQ’s decision was not enough, Xu ‘FY' Linsen will take a three-month break due to medical issues. According to PSG.LGD, the superstar will undergo eye surgery.

As a result of these changes, LGD will not take part in the first Major of the season. They will be back once their full roster is ready. If you missed any of the TI action, be sure to check our full recaps here.

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Dota 2: QQQ Leaves LGD, FY to Miss Time
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