PSG.LGD Win The China Dota 2 Professional League

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PSG.LGD Win The China Dota 2 Professional League

PSG.LGD has done it again!

Despite the fact that TI 8 runner’s up had a dreadful start of the seasons, they are now back. After a series of unsuccessful results and roster changes, it seems like the Chinese powerhouse has finally found the way to success.

As a result, the team has managed to win one of the biggest tournaments in China for the second time in a row. This time, they had to defend their title against Invictus Gaming. Despite the fact that iG is also in top form right now, LGD proved to be a bit too much for TI 2 champs.

What was the event like?

This tournament has gathered ten of the best teams in China. Needless to say, we watched tons of back and forth series where we had loads of surprises. The champions have managed to get out of the group stage fairly easily. However, after that, they had to face up CDEC, which is a really promising Chinese team. Even though they’ve won the fight, it definitely wasn’t easy.

The next challenge ahead of the future champions was Royal Never Give Up. If you followed this team before you probably know that they are one of the most unpredictable Chinese squads. In other words, they can explode at any second, which makes playing against them really risky. Nonetheless, PSG.LGD shows no mercy and ripped through them, securing themselves a top-two finish.

As we’ve mentioned, the last step before the trophy was iG. They managed to survive the deadly lower bracket but it just felt like they’re not on the same level as LGD. Despite taking one game in the series, Xy “fu” Linsen and his team-mates were clearly the better team. As a result, they’ve deserved their victory.

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PSG.LGD Win The China Dota 2 Professional League
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