Dota 2: The Popular Core Hero Combos in The Current DPC

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Dota 2: The Popular Core Hero Combos in The Current DPC

We take a look at some of the most popular core hero combos coming out of Tour 3 of the DPC.

The 2021-2022 DPC began a few months ago and allowed us to watch the best team in the world in action. After the first two tours and the first Major of the year, we have e the chance to watch Tour 3. The best-performing teams here will receive an invite to the PGL Arlington Major 2022, which will take place in August.

Speaking of performance, the best teams in the world try to be innovative and utilize the best heroes in the meta. Like in every other patch before that, there are all sorts of Dota 2 hero combos. Some of them are not that good, whereas others excel and have become the preferred option for many people.

Although some of you may be interested in the best support/core combinations, this article will focus on the different cores you want in your team. There are all sorts of possible combinations, but we will try to show you some of the top Dota 2 heroes to keep an eye on.

Timbersaw and Faceless Void

Although this is not among the top Dota 2 lane combos 2022, there is no arguing that these two heroes work well together. Void used to be one of the best offlaners in the game, but today, the hero is in the safe lane. As for Timbesaw, he can be in the mid or offlane, but most people prefer the second option.

The reason why these two heroes work well together is because of their ultimates. As long as Faceless Void does not trap Timber inside it, the latter can use his Chakram and do a lot of damage to his opponents. Things get even scarier when Timber gets an Aghs.

Aside from the ult combos, Timbersaw is a good pick alongside Void because he can tank a lot of damage. Even though Void has the ability to dodge some of it, disables can be fatal because he won’t be able to his first ability. Fortunately, most people target Timbersaw first, which means Void can step in and deal as much damage as possible. 

Zeus and Spectre

This combo is not new because it was one of the best options around five years ago. However, the updates after this pushed Zeus away from the meta, so people mainly focused on Spectre.

Luckily, the newest patch gave Zeus a couple of critical buffs that put him back in the game. As a result, he is among the Dota 2 best hero draft options, especially for teams who need a spellcaster. Although some teams use Zeus as support, the hero can do wonders in the mid-lane.

Similar to Timber and Void, Zeus and Spectre work well together because of their ultimates. These two heroes have a global presence and can efficiently deal tons of damage before the team fight starts. In fact, well-farmed Spectre and Zeus can kill the enemy’s supports simply by using their ults.

Even though the combo is not as popular as before, many teams use it all the time because it is solid.

Puck and Lifestealer

Puck is undoubtedly one of the strongest mid-laners in the current patch. He was among the few famous heroes that did not receive major nerfs in 7.31d, which is why he is extremely popular in the Dota 2 DPC.

While it is true that you can see him alongside any popular carry, the hero works well with Lifestealer. The latter is also one of the trendy picks right now, but he only fits certain combos. Speaking of the devil, Lifestealer is great alongside Puck for a couple of reasons.

For starters, both heroes are great in the mid-game and can do a lot more damage than most other cores. Naix also scales well later on, which is not always possible for Puck (unless he goes for late-game items).

Aside from their timings, the two heroes are great because of the Naix bombs. Puck is one of the heroes that always go for a Blink Dagger. This is great news for Lifestealre because he can infest and make the most of the “bombs”. As you can guess, these two heroes can kill anyone in seconds.

Beastmaster and Medusa

Before we share more information about one of the best Dota 2 combos 2022, we have to mention that BM can work with pretty much anything. His aura, stun and damage allow any carry to shine, which is one of the reasons why he is among the most popular offlaners.

Even though BM used to be the best option for heroes like Drow Ranger, most professional Dota 2 teams nowadays prefer to focus on Medusa. Even though the hero is not that strong early on, Dusa is one of the best late-game monsters. Needless to say, BM’s utility allows heroes to be even more dangerous in teamfights.

Magnus and TB/Juggernaut

Before we point out more info about these combos, it is essential to know that many teams use Magnus as a right-click damage dealer. This item build became popular a few years ago, and teams like EHOME always take advantage of it. However, the hero also offers excellent utility, which is one of the reasons why many teams use him in the offlane.

Speaking of “offlaning”, Magnus can be paired with almost any melee carry. Thanks to Empower and his ultimate, every carry can deal a lot more damage and become much harder to kill. Speaking of carries, Juggernaut and Terrorblade are among the most popular options, at least in the last couple of months.

Even though TB is not the best option for Magnus because he deals more damage while having his Metamorphosis, the extra damage and free stun are always a plus. As for Juggernaut, the combo with Magnus has always been among the best in pretty much every meta.

Juggernaut is strong on his own, but when paired with Magnus, he becomes almost impossible to kill. Fortunately, this is one of the meta carries right now, so many teams pick him regularly.

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Dota 2: The Popular Core Hero Combos in The Current DPC
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