Dota 2 Players Discuss Patch 7.33

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Dota 2 Players Discuss Patch 7.33

Pros from the top 8 in the DreamLeague Season 19 Group Stage seem divided in their opinions

It's been quite a while since Dota 2 shook the world with a new patch update, making the community eagerly anticipate Patch 7.33.With the Berlin Major 2023 approaching, speculations surrounding this update have made it the most highly anticipated event for both fans and professionals alike.

Ever since the release of 7.32, which happened back in August of 2022, the upcoming patch is deemed to be a major change in the Dota 2 scene according to Valve. According to a recent Tweet from CyborgMatt, the upcoming update is expected to be “significantly larger” than the regular gameplay patch, which has generated a lot of buzz among the community. Anticipation is sky-high among fans as they eagerly await the new update's release on April 20.

During one of the recent segments from the DreamLeague Season 19, players from different sides gathered to discuss the most hyped patch update. Tundra Esports and Entity pros expressed diverse opinions, past experiences, and their expectations regarding the upcoming patch update. 

The Pros anticipate old heroes, map changes and more

As the Dota 2 community awaits the arrival of Patch 7.33, which is slated to be the next largest change in a while, some of the most prominent players shared their thoughts about it. 

“What I really want for the next patch… Well everybody knows map changes would be awesome to have. You know maybe move Roshan a little bit. I kind of miss having those saving supports back in the meta. You know Frankfurt Major days, so bring some of those heroes back,” said Tal “Fly” Aizik who started the discussion in the first place after whom Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg spoke. 

He said, For Patch 7.33, there’s a couple things in my wishlist. I think hill wards should be nerfed slightly, force staff should be nerfed and I think the map should be changed and maybe making initiators a little easy to play from the offlane, going back to blink dagger type puck offlane heroes. At least that would be fun.”

Being one of the only few to speak positively about Patch 7.32, Leon “Nine” Kirilin said “Objectively the patch is pretty okay. It's just really hard to speak objectively because it's been around for a very long time, there has not been a very big patch and I kind of want that to happen.” 

Neta “33” Shapira added – “Every time there’s like a big new mechanic added or new map change or some inventory change or something like that I don't really enjoy it. I kind of like dota the way it is, I don't want it to change. After a couple of months, I realize that the change was good but in the moment I just don't want to see change. I would be happy if Valve nerfs the broken heroes and buff the weak heroes and just call it day and move on.” 

Daniel “Stormstormer” Schoetzau went on to say “I mean I remember old patches where you would have to scroll and literally read it for a couple of hours. Purge would stream on Twitch for 24 hours or something and analyze it. You would go to sleep when Purge is reading Abaddon and then when you wake up the next day he’s at like Enchantress or whatever,” 

If the patch releases on April 20th as was hinted, then the players will have some time to get the hang of it. While the DreamLeague Season 19 is still running, the top teams will have a chance to get accustomed to Patch 7.33 on an international level as they try to get through the rest of it.

Teams won’t get much time to experiment with the new update as they will have about a week before the Berlin Major hits the road.  

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Dota 2 Players Discuss Patch 7.33
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