Dota 2: PGL Arlington Major 2022 – Group A Day 5 Recap

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Dota 2: PGL Arlington Major 2022 – Group A Day 5 Recap

The last day of the Group Stage only features matches from Group A because the group had one additional team. We already know that PSG.LGD is one of the teams that will head over to the playoffs, but there were three more slots to keep an eye for.

Unlike the previous days, this one only included four matches. Three of them were really important, whereas the clash between PSG.LGD and TA did not matter as much for both teams. With that being said, here is what happened in each series.

OG vs Talon

This match was important because both teams needed the victory. OG had to win in order to guarantee themselves a slot in the Upper Bracket, whereas Talon was fighting for its survival. Although we expected a very close series, OG turned out to be the better team and won the match.

Game 1

Following the laning stage, which was pretty even, OG took full control of the game and defeated their opponents in no time. No one expected his to happen because Talon’s draft was clearly better for early and mid-game skirmishes. However, the SEA powerhouse was unable to take advantage of the situation.

The last nail in the coffin for Rafli “Mikoto” Rahman and the rest was the team fight near their T1 tower 18 minutes after the start. OG managed to kill two heroes and push the tower, which gave them an even more impressive lead.

Game 2

Despite changing their draft for the second game, Talon could not defeat the mighty European powerhouse. The second game also lasted 27 minutes, during which OG was in the driving seat. The team’s recent success allowed it to secure the third spot in Group A and the chance to play in the Upper Bracket.

As for Talon, the team finished 7th, which means it is out of the Major.

Soniqs vs Outsiders

Sinqs (ex Quincy Crew) is among the biggest disappointments at this event. Despite the top-notch performance during Tour 3, Yawar “YawaR” Hassan and the rest lost a lot of matches and secured draws in the rest. Sadly, the team was unable to defeat Outsiders as well, which was their last game.

Game 1

Following the pick/ban phase, it was apparent that Virtus.Pro’s roster had an advantage. The team’s draft allowed them to be more aggressive and dictate the game’s tempo.

QC’s draft focused on the late game because they had two cores that needed a lot of farm. Of course, an experienced team like Outsiders did not want them to take advantage of their draft and started pressuring them early on.

Soniqs tried to survive for as long as possible, but VP’s deadly draft already had a 14k net worth lead just 22 minutes after the start. This advantage was too much for their opponents to bounce back from, and game one ended in a loss.

Game 2

After the victory in the first game of the match, Outsiders won the second game as well. The team picked their signature Ursa and Oracle combo but also got Leshrac so that they could counter Phantom Lancer. Lucky for them, Soniqs did not put up a challenge and Virtus.Pro took the lead early on.

The Noth American squad tried everything they could to defend and provide their PL and Timber with enough time to shine. However, Outsiders knew they were playing against the clock, which is why the team started pushing and won after just 27 minutes.

Thunder Awaken vs PSG.LGD

The battle between David and Goliath was definitely not as interesting as the other matches. In fact, this was probably the least important clash because PSG already secured themselves a slot in the Upper Bracket, whereas TA is clearly heading home.

Game 1

PSG wanted to win this match so the team could end the Group Stage without losing. Hence, Ame and the rest picked heroes like Storm Spirit, Razor and WK, all of which allowed them to take loads of teamfights.

Thunder Awaken tried to use one of the drafts they are known for that included Invoker. The South Americans did well in the laning stage, but things went downhill after Storm came online. Since PSG’s mid-laner is one of the best in the world, he was able to rip through his opponents.

Game 2

Thunder Awaken had nothing to lose in the second match of the series, which allowed them to pick a couple of interesting heroes. The South American squad even had a few glimmers of hope because their Luna had a pretty good game. The hero even reached Godlike status at one point, but this was not enough to prevent her team from losing.

PSG.LGD secured an Aegis for Bristle, and it seems like this was the last nail in the coffin for TA. 

This victory allowed PSG.LGD finished with the impressive stats of 15-1, which means the team only lost one map. As for TA, the South Americans are second-last and will miss out on the Playoffs.

Team Liquid vs Royal Never Give Up


Game 1

The first game between the two was long and included a Terroblade. Unsurprisingly, this hero is notorious for his late-game potential and being among the best. Royal Never Give Up made sure he had a good game because he needed it in order to stand a chance against Bristleback.

Following many teamfights and epic battles, RNGU secured a comfortable lead and got yet another Aegis. This allowed them to start pushing and eventually win the game.

Game 2

Despite winning game one, the Chinese team was unable to show its prowess in the second game of the match. RNGU tried to use their favorite Alchemist, a hero that helped them a lot during Tour 3. However, Liquid’s Weaver and Storm Spirit combo was so good because RNGU hardly had any lockdown. Unsurprisingly, the EU team used this to their advantage and ripped through their opponents. 

The bad news is that this draw does not help anyone because RNG and Liquid finished behind Fnatic. As a result, both will have to play in the Lower Bracket.

Dota 2: PGL Arlington Major 2022 – Group A Day 5 Recap
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