Dota 2: PGL Arlington Major 2022 – Group A Day 4 Recap

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Dota 2: PGL Arlington Major 2022 – Group A Day 4 Recap

All the action from Group A on Day 4 of the Arlington Major.

After the first days of the PGL Arlington Major 2022, the Group Stage is slowly coming to an end. This was the second-last day in Group A and probably the most important one, especially for some teams. After all, we have five more matches tomorrow and the Group Stage will be over.

Day 4 of the PGL Arlington Major was full of epic battles. We know many of you want to learn more about them, so let’s check out a few things you might have missed.

PSG.LGD vs Outsiders

Just when we thought that we could see PSG.LGD’s first loss in this event, the Chinese powerhouse has done it again. Wang “Ame” Chunyu and the rest have proven themselves once again why so many consider them the best. The team had no problems against Outsiders and secured themselves a guaranteed sport for the Playoffs.

Game 1

Virtus.Pro’s roster had a pretty good pick in game one because the team was prepared for every stage of the game. However, PSG.LGD’s hidden Lone Druid and Winter Wyvern pick were way too powerful for their opponents.

The Eastern Europeans had a disastrous game start and gave their team a massive kills advantage. With the momentum on their side, PSG.LGD got a couple of towers and secured themselves the first Aegis in the game. 

As expected, Lone Druid became almost impossible to kill, and the Chinese started pushing the first lane of rax just 25 minutes after the game. Outsiders did everything they could to defend their base, but they failed.

Game 2

After the dreadful start of game one, Outsiders stepped up their game in the second match and picked some of their signature heroes. Aside from Timbersaw, the team’s legendary carry got his hands on Juggernaut.

The good laning stage put VP in an excellent position for the mid-game, so most people thought the match will end in a draw. However, PSG.LGD rose from the ashes after Ursa got a couple of crucial kills. 

After the hero got the Aegis, it became pretty much impossible to kill. Even Enigma’s Black Hole was not powerful enough to stop LGD from winning yet another match. 

Talon vs Team Liquid

This series was more interesting than most people expected because these two teams had similar results prior to this match. Both were fighting for a spot outside the bottom 3, which is why both had to win. However, the game ended in a draw.

Game 1

Talon Esports really wanted to win this match, which is why the team used the classic Bloodseeker and Zeus combo for game one. On the other hand, Team Liquid finally got their hands on Lycan and Furion, two of their most successful heroes.

Sadly for the SEA team, the Europeans had an excellent laning stage that allowed them to rip through their opponents. Unsurprisingly, Liquid’s draft took full advantage of the situation and quickly started pushing. With more than 13k net worth lead just 20 minutes after the start and only three kills for the SEA squad, game one went in favor of Matu and the rest.

Game 2

Despite the disappointing result in the first game, Talon Esports picked an exciting draft in the second game. Their opponents thought that Rafli “Mikoto” Rahman and the rest would try to focus on the late game. However, Talon surprised them and started playing very aggressively early on.

After the laning stage was over, Phantom Lancer secured the Aegis, and thanks to Visage and Chen, the team started pushing their opponent's tier 3 tower just 19 minutes after the start. Unsurprisingly,  Team Liquid failed to defend their base because they did not have enough items to fight.

After losing the first lane of rax, Liquid tried to bounce back, but they just did not have enough power. This allowed Talon to equalize the series.

OG vs Thunder Awaken

It seems like the winners of ESL One Stockholm 2022 will be the second team that will secure a slot for the Playoffs. Although the team lost one match, it had no problems against Thunder Awaken.

Game 1

Although OG won the first match, Thunder Awaken did not go down without a fight, which is why the game wasted more than 40 minutes. We had to see Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov’s signature Invoker, as well as Enigma, Timbersaw and Alchemist. OG's access to their best heroes allowed them to control the game and eventually deliver their knock-out punch.

Game 2

Although Thunder Awaken played well in game two, OG was better and wanted to win more. Everyone from the European team played well, but bzm was definitely the star of the show, especially after securing a Rampage. The Bulgarian prodigy killed everyone from TA’s team near the Rosh pit, which was enough to give his team a comfortable lead.

Following this team fight, OG got a considerable lead and slowly started pressuring TA’s high ground. Sadly, the South Americans did not have the best HG defense because the roster focused more on team fights. Therefore, OG destroyed the mid lane of rax, killed their opponents, and forced them to use the GG call after 28 minutes.

Other results

Most of us were eager to watch one of the matches between RNG and PSG.LGD. The two Chinese powerhouses finally had the chance to face each other again. Although RNGU won Division I in China, it seems like PSG.LGD is back on track because the team has been flawless in this event.

Although we expected the match to end in a draw, Ame and the rest won both games. The first one was very easy and only lasted 25 minutes, whereas the second one was more intense. Nevertheless, the Riyadh Masters 2022 champions prevailed and won yet another match.

Another series that turned out to be more interesting was between OG and Outsiders. Almost everyone expected bzm and his crew to win, bit Viruts.Pro has proven why they are one of the deadliest teams in Dota 2 and won the match. This was a very important victory because it allowed the team to have a chance to secure a slot in the top 4.

Team Liquid and Thunder Awaken finished in a draw and the same allies to Fnatic and Talon. Interestingly, the team with three substitutes defeated Soniques before that, which allowed them to secure the second slot in Group A, at least for now.

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Dota 2: PGL Arlington Major 2022 – Group A Day 4 Recap
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