Dota 2: Pan “Fade” Yi Retires from Dota Amid Controversy

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Dota 2: Pan “Fade” Yi Retires from Dota Amid Controversy

Pan “Fade” Yi has announced his retirement from the professional Dota 2 scene after accusing RNG of trying to poach him during TI 9.

Earlier today, Vici Gaming's Pan “Fade” Yi announced his retirement from professional Dota. This came as a shock to much of the Dota 2 community, especially considering both Yi and Vici's great play during TI 9. It turns out, however, that there was much more going on behind the scenes.

Rumors Surface

According to this Reddit post, Royal Never Give up attempted to acquire Yi from Vici’s roster during TI 9. Vici’s CEO then responded, calling RNG's actions “unethical behavior.”

Fade announces retirement from professional Dota 2 from DotA2

After several more conversations were leaked, it seemed as though that this wasn't the first time Royal Never Give Up had tried this tactic. Rumors surfaced that RNG attempted a similar move on one of Team Secret’s players last year. Royal Never Give Up then released a statement denying that the organization contacted any player during TI 9. Having said that, they admitted having negotiations about with the Team Secret player after TI 8. Ultimately, it turns out that the rumors that RNG had tried to acquire Yi during the tournament were false.

Fade’s decision

After the fiasco, Yi announced his retirement from professional Dota. However, after Vici’s CEO talked to Yi, it turned out that RNGU never actually approached him during TI 9, which led to Yi issuing an apology to the Chinese organization for adding flames to the fire.

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Dota 2: Pan “Fade” Yi Retires from Dota Amid Controversy
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