Dota 2: paiN Gaming Call it Quits, Infamous Rebuilds its Roster

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Dota 2: paiN Gaming Call it Quits, Infamous Rebuilds its Roster

As of today, paiN gaming have disbanded and Infamous have a new roster.

Those of you who’ve been following the South American Dota 2 scene will instantly recognize the names of paiN Gaming and Infamous. As you probably remember, these two teams made South America's Dota 2 scene famous around one year ago.

However, after numerous bad results, they are currently staying in the shadows of beastcoast and Thunder Predator. Needless to say, it's clear that something has to change in order for them to stay relevant. Sadly, it seems like change won't be enough, at least for paiN Gaming.

No more Dota 2 for paiN

It seems like the current COVID-19 situation in combination with the lack of results will have a deadly impact on the might South American organization. According to the official release, paiN decides to release it’s Dota 2 roster. What’s more, there are currently no plans for a new one, which is even the scary part.

We can’t really say that we’re that surprised, especially considering paiN’s recent results. The best thing that they did in this season was to qualify for the Leipzig Major. Nevertheless, they were absolutely demolished there and finished last in their group. To make matters worse, they had to play against beastcoast in the elimination bracket, which didn’t go well for them.

Following the news, William “hFn” Medeiros, Leonardo “Mandy” Viana, Danyo “Kingrd” Nascimento, Kaue “Dunha1” Camuci, and Anderson “444” Santos will now be looking for a new team.

Infamous changes its roster

The second South American team currently in a bad situation is Infamous. Luckily, the organization hasn’t decided to give up on Dota 2 yet. Instead, they’ve decided to release nearly everyone from the team (four players to be exact), in an attempt to rebuild it from the ground up.

The “sole survival” after this “purge” is Mariano “Papita” Caneda. That doesn’t really come as a surprise because he was the captain of the team. Now, he will join forces with three fresh players and the Peruvian legend Christian “Accel” Cruz. Together, Cruz and Caneda will team up with the following three players:

  • Pakazs
  • Kxy
  • Michael-

Let’s hope that this will be enough for the South American team. Even though the DPC is currently on hold due to the coronavirus there are many online tournaments. The new roster will definitely have an opportunity to show what they’re made of very soon.

Until then, make sure to follow us on our social media accounts for more Dota 2 news, as well as the latest news from every single esport. ESTNN also want to remind our readers to stay safe in these hard times. We can't wait to see everything back to normal.



Dota 2: paiN Gaming Call it Quits, Infamous Rebuilds its Roster
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