Dota 2: Pacth 7.27d Is Here

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Dota 2: Pacth 7.27d Is Here

Here are some of the highlights of the new patch.

It took some time for Valve to come out with the new update but it’s finally here. Although there are no general changes that we'll need to get used to, there are loads of small tweaks to the heroes and items.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the most notable things that you need to keep in mind.

Item Changes

Only four items received a change in the new patch and none of them is that drastic. Perhaps the most notable one is the fact that Heaven’s Halberd now has a 400 gold recipe that you need to buy. Although this might not seem that harsh, it will delay the item by a minute or two (even more in some cases). Needless to say, this will have a big impact on some of the heroes that purchase it.

The other interesting item change is to Helm of the Dominator. Instead of reducing 1500 HP, it now reduces at least 1000 health. What’s more, it also grants +4 armor to the creep that you’ve used it on.

Hero changes

There are a lot of heroes that are changed in the new update. However, we will only focus on the ones that stand out. Make sure you read the full release if you want to learn about the latest changes.


Bloodseeker is one of the heroes that’s pretty popular in the current meta. After he went through a lot of changes, the hero became the go-to option for many pub players.

Now, he receives three buffs which will make him even more popular. First, he now has +2 base damage, which will help him secure those early last hits. On top of that, Bloodrage now reduces the max HP from 2.8% to 2.5%. On top of that, the spell amp that this ability provides is increased to 30% on level four, which will definitely make a big difference.

Dark Seer

The next hero that should be mentioned is Dark Seer. This is one of the most famous offlaners out there, which is why every change has a drastic effect. If you use “Surge” now, it will grant you haste, instead of a certain bonus speed.

On top of that, the hero’s level 15 talent now reduces the HP that Ion Shell will provide from 400 to 350.


Doom is one of the heroes that tend to be and off from the meta a lot. Now, he seems to get a little bit more attention than he should, which is why IceFrog decided to nerf him a bit.

Although we don’t think it was necessary, Scorched Erath now has a 15-second duration, rather than 16. On top of that. Devour provides 1 less HP regen on all levels and Doom’s level 10 talent only gives +10% movement speed when Scorched Earth is on. For reference, the same talent provided +13% MS before the update.

Faceless Void

Faceless Void has always been one of the most popular Dota 2 heroes. As a result, he gets picked in every meta, regardless if he is good or not. Currently, it’s safe to say that the hero is pretty good.

That’s why it’s probably not a surprise that we will see a few nerfs. First, his base strength is now 22, instead of 24, which will definitely have a negative impact in the laning stage. Apart from that, Timelock does 5 less damage on all levels. To make matters worse, his level 25 Backtrack Talent can now be disabled with Break.


Needless to say, this s one of the strongest carries in Dota 2. Those of you who’ve played pub games on this patch know that Spectre is pretty popular right now. Sadly, this might change after the recent updates.

Now, the hero does less damage with Spectral Dagger earl yon, which will definitely have a negative effect. On top of that, Desolate also does less damage, which will make last-hitting even harder. As you know, Spectre is not really famous for her high right-click damage early on.

Lastly, Haunt now has even more cooldown, which will make it harder for the hero to participate in team-fights.


Another patch and yet another set of changes for Underlord. This time, three of his spells are slightly adjusted. First, Firestorm now has a lower cast range early on, which will prevent the hero from harassing as much.

In addition, Pit of Malice has longer cool down during the first three levels. However, the disable duration is also increased, which should balance the nerf.

Another interesting change is to Atrophy Aura. The creep bonus from this Aura is now 2/4/6/8 (it used to be 4/5/6/7). Apart from this buff, Underlord’s level 15 talent now decreases the cooldown of Firestorm by 4 seconds, instead of 3.


Venomancer is a hero that’s famous for his damage over time abilities. This makes him one of the best picks for every pub game. However, after the recent nerfs, you might want to reconsider your option.

First, Plague Ward now costs more mana and it has a bigger gold bounty. This means that you have to think a lot more when you use it, whereas previously, you could spam it a lot more.

Poison Sting is yet another ability that’s nerfed a little bit. Now, it deals less damage and doesn’t reduce the movement speed of the target that much.

Apart from the heroes we’ve mentioned, there are a few others that you should also check out. Don’t forget to watch the remaining days of the OMEGA League because we still have loads of exciting series ahead of us.

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Dota 2: Pacth 7.27d Is Here
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