Dota 2: ONE Esports to Host a $500K USD Dota 2 Tournament

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Dota 2: ONE Esports to Host a $500K USD Dota 2 Tournament

ONE Esports announced a $500K USD Dota 2 tournament yesterday.

The hype for the biggest event in esports, which also has the biggest prize pool of any game as of today ($31M USD) is getting bigger and bigger with each day. Having said that, there is constant news about some of the upcoming events in the post-TI period. The latest one is from ONE Esports, and it is definitely a big one.


ONE Dota 2 Singapore World Pro Invitational

Organized by PGL and ONE Esports, the tournament will take place this year on December 20-22 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. In addition to that, there will also be another event called ONE Dota 2 Jakarta World Pro Invitational, which will take place in April 2019.

Each invitational will see the best twelve teams in the world in attendance competing for the $500K USD prize pool.


ONE ESports Tekken Tournament

Even though it is not related to Dota, there will also be a Tekken event hosted in October in Tokyo. Finally, expect more information about this amazing tournament in the upcoming months. Now, it is time to focus on where it matters – The International 2019.

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Dota 2: ONE Esports to Host a $500K USD Dota 2 Tournament
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