Dota 2: Old G Failed to Qualify for the Dota Pro Circuit

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Dota 2: Old G Failed to Qualify for the Dota Pro Circuit

OG's two-time TI winning roster, affectionately known as Old G, failed to qualify for the 2023 DPC.

A few days ago, OG announced that they would have a 2nd team that will try to compete in this year’s DPC. As expected, the roster consisted of some of OG’s ex-members, including the likes of n0tail, Ceb, and Topson. Even though the team had one of the most promising rosters, it failed to qualify for the 2023 Dota 2 Pro Circuit.

The team & Its Results – Open Qualifier #1

Old G consists of top-tier players with many years of experience. In addition to the names mentioned above, the team has the likes of MSS and No[o]ne. However, even this legendary group of players was not enough for the team to qualify for the DPC.

Old G’s quest started with a free win against Annunaki Esport. The following series for the team was versus Unity Esports, and it turned out to be a lot more complicated than expected. Even though the team won the first map, the interesting pick in the 2nd one prevented them from securing a 2-0 victory.

After eliminating their opponents, OLD G’s quest continued, and the team faced NOSTRVM. Although the second map wasn’t that easy, the first one was like a walk in the park, which allowed n0tail’s team to advance forward.

The Grand Final in the first open qualifier was between Old G and Monaspa, but the latter decided to forfeit. Despite that, both teams advanced to the Closed Qualifiers.

The mistake

After the team reached the Closed Qualifiers, everyone expected Old G to have no problems and rip through the competition. However, this wasn’t the case because the team lost two matches.

OldG started with a free win in the quarterfinals and defeated Team Blink in the Semifinals. However, the team couldn’t deal with Oorendoo Thunders in the Upper Bracket Final. The team lost both matches and secured the first slot for the DPC.

After losing, Old G had to fight for the last remaining slot in Western Europe against Monaspa. This was the team it had to play against in the Open Qualifier, but since the latter forfeited, this was their first encounter.

Even though everyone expected Old G to win, Topson and the rest did not live up to the expectations. In fact, the team lost both maps against Mopasa, which put an end to their hopes of competing alongside OG’s main roster. 

We expect the team to disband because players like MSS and No[o]ne will most likely try their luck somewhere else. Of course, we're yet to hear an official announcement, so follow us for more information.

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Dota 2: Old G Failed to Qualify for the Dota Pro Circuit
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