Dota 2: Ogre Magi wins the Arcana Vote

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Dota 2: Ogre Magi wins the Arcana Vote

After an epic battle, we finally know the name of the Arcana winner – Ogre Magi. He won the final vote against a formidable enemy – Windranger, a hero which has always been loved by the community.

The result was definitely expected, considering how Ogre won against his other enemies. In fact, he pretty much crushed the competition in the previous rounds, whereas Windranger was always a lot closer.


In the final vote, Ogre received over 25M votes, which is just a clear sign of what the community wants. Having said that, Windranger got 23M, which is not a bad number at all. In fact, this makes it very likely that we could end up with two Arcanas. Of course, this is just pure speculation.

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Dota 2: Ogre Magi wins the Arcana Vote
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