Dota 2: OGA Dota PIT Online Starts in Europe and the CIS

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Dota 2: OGA Dota PIT Online Starts in Europe and the CIS

Here is what the OGA Dota Pit Online has in store for Europe and the CIS.

Usually, most Dota 2 fans love to watch the OGA Dota Pit tournaments. We’ve seen several in the last couple of years and all of them are amazing to watch. However, since the world is currently not functioning properly due to the COVID-19 situations, the tournament organizers decided to host the event online and in different regions.

The Chinese version of the event started a few days ago and we will see who will win tomorrow. In addition to that, May 11 is the date that the event begins in Europe and CIS.

This tournament is going to bring together ten of the best teams in these two regions. Although it’s going to be online, each team will try to get a cut from the $150K USD prize pool.

The group stage will continue for a week, after which we will watch the playoffs. Needless to say, they will be held in a classic double-elimination bracket.

In terms of the Chinese Dota Pit, Vici Gaming will have to face off against PSG.LGD, which is definitely going to be one amazing Grand Final to watch. Even though Vici already won against LGD in the semifinals, there is no way a team of LGD’s caliber will go down without a fight. Nevertheless, this is a clash between two powerhouses, so you never know what will happen.

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Dota 2: OGA Dota PIT Online Starts in Europe and the CIS
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