Dota 2: No Major No Problem

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Dota 2:  No Major No Problem

This tournament is a glimmer of hope for the Dota 2 world right now.

Sadly, the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is absolutely horrendous right now. Nearly every single country in the world is struggling with this pandemic and as expected, esports and Dota 2 in specific weren’t left behind.

As expected, most of the big tournament organizers were forced to cancel their events. In fact, just a few days ago, Valve also announced that they will be postponing the 4th Major and Minor of the 2019-2020 DPC.

A glimmer of hope

Just when we thought that there won’t be anything to do, a new tournament appeared out of nowhere. Rivalry decided to host an event with a very witty name; “ No Major No Problem”. Needless to say, the event's inspiration was ESL and Valve’s decision to postpone the Majors.

Rivalry’s event is aiming to bring together some of the best South American teams in the world. As you’ve probably guessed, this will be an entirely online tournament that will take place between the 17th and the 22nd of March.

There will be eight teams in total that will be fighting for a prize pool of $5000. Even though the money on the line is nowhere as big as the ones in the DPC events, it’s still something.

Here are the teams that will try their luck in this pretty intriguing event:

  • Infamous Young
  • Infamous
  • Team Unknown
  • FURIA Esports
  • Thunder Predator
  • NoPing e-sports
  • Omega Gaming
  • paiN Gaming

Be sure to follow us if you want to learn more about the situation in the Dota 2 scene. Keep it in mind that the coronavirus problem will continue to increase, so we have no idea what will happen.

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Dota 2:  No Major No Problem
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