Dota 2 News: Winstrike says goodbye to DM, MiLAN, and dnz

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Dota 2 News: Winstrike says goodbye to DM, MiLAN, and dnz

Winstrike Team announced today that DM, MiLAN, and dnz are leaving the team.

Winstrike Team is a very interesting team. Even though they had a pretty stable lineup, for some reason they just could not “unleash” their full potential. That’s why it is no surprise that just a month after joining, DM, MiLAN and dnz are now leaving the team.


Winstrike's Team Manager had this to say in a statement:

“Previous month has shown that some problems are impossible to solve in short terms. We needed to make a change, but it ended with a reshuffle – and we are just here where we started. I can hardly wait for the new team announcement and your reaction to it.”

According to the announcement, the new players should be revealed shortly.

Probably the last nail in the coffin for Winstrike was the OGA Dota Pit Minor. Despite winning the Open Qualifiers, they were unable to do the same in the closed ones. This meant that they would skip yet another DPC event. We will able to see the new roster in-game during the Adrenaline Cyber Cup Qualifiers which start in just two days.

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