Dota 2 News: The Top Heroes In 7.21d

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Dota 2 News: The Top Heroes In 7.21d

Patch 7.21d has been live for a few weeks now. It included a lot of changes to some of the most popular heroes from the previous patch. Like all the previous updates, some heroes that were not as strong before the patch actually became very popular and easy to win with. Let’s see some of the heroes that got significantly stronger.


Sniper is one of those heroes that can make anyone rage-quit. He was the go-to hero in several patches before, but he was nowhere to be found after some nerfs. Now, the situation is changing again as Sniper is slowly becoming one of the top heroes of the current patch.

There are many different ways that you could itemize him. Some people go for the regular right-clicking build but there are others who decide to try a hybrid/magical damage one. In order to do that, you will need to get items such as Ethereal Blade and Maelstrom. What’s more, be sure to get that sweet 25% CD reduction. This will greatly increase your farming speed because you will be able to use Shrapnel more.

Sniper received two buffs in 7.21d – his Shrapnel replenish time is now 40 instead of 50 seconds and his Take Aim CD is reduced during its early levels.


Similar to Sniper in a way, the most glamorous days of Gyrocopter are long gone. However, the hero got slightly buffed in the recent patch, which definitely boosted his popularity again.

One of the “innovations” when it comes to playing Gyro is the magic build. As we know, he has one of the highest levels of magical burst damage in the game. There are not many support heroes that can live through his damage at all stages of the game.

If you want to try out the Magic gyro, getting a Kaya (Yasha & Kaya later on), Veil and Drums might be a good way to go. However, my personal advice would be not to go full yolo on the magic damage. After all, if the game goes for too long, you will need that right click damage.

Storm Spirit

One of the most buffed heroes in the last couple of patches is Storm Spirit, and that’s why it’s no surprise that he is on this list. Besides in PUBS, Storm is also becoming more popular in professional games too.

In 7.21d, Storm got an intelligence, Static Remnant damage and Electric Vortex pull distance increase. The item build of this hero has not changed that much throughout the years, apart from adding Kaya to it. However, I have seen a lot of people recently who go for 2+ Bloodstones, which was very strange at first sight. Even though this might seem like a waste of gold, it is a great way of sustaining your mana pool efficiently.

SS is definitely one of the strongest Mid-laners out there. Despite that, you should not first pick him because he can get countered pretty hard and become relatively useless.


Enigma is one of the most dominant heroes both in pub and professional games. The hero provides high damage early on, a good pushing mechanism and a deadly ultimate that can win a team fight.

Of course, when we talk about Enigma, we can’t forget to mention the Jungle. While this can be a very good tactic in pro games, the pub reality is different. We all have that one guy that automatically tags the jungle and just stays there until he gets Midas and Radiance. One of the big pluses for the jungling Enigma is the fact that the hero does not need that much HP regen. That’s because he farms with his Demonic Conversion.

As with any position 4 or 5, the first 10 to 20 minutes is where you have to make the difference. That’s why you have to try to apply as much pressure as possible on your enemies. That goes for pretty much every aggressive support hero.

Arc Warden

Zet, one of the most annoying mid-lanes to play against, received two buffs in 7.21d. Apart from getting a slight agility gain increase, his Tempest Double duration is now 4 seconds longer. The result is that the hero gets picked a lot more often and his win-rating is also getting better. We should also not forget that many people play Arc as a position one. However, according to DotaBuff, he definitely shines more when he is Mid.


OGA Dota Pit Minor 2019 is just around the corner so it will be interesting to see if there will be any major meta changes. Be sure to watch all the games because they will definitely be worthwhile. In case you do not have time to do so, feel free to follow us on Twitter so that you won’t miss out on anything.

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Dota 2 News: The Top Heroes In 7.21d
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