Dota 2 News: The SEA Scene Has a New Contender – Reality Rift

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Dota 2 News: The SEA Scene Has a New Contender – Reality Rift

The SEA Dota 2 scene might have a new contender in the building – Russian-owned Reality Rift.

In the past, the SEA professional Dota 2 scene has always been somewhat underrated. Even today, the western teams heavily dominate in every tournament. Despite that, SEA also has had its hidden gems that are always capable of upsetting the plans of their western colleagues.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the region is constantly developing. As a result, the latest addition to the likes of Mineski and TNC is called Reality Rift. They are a new Singaporean team which is actually owned by two Russians named Ilya and Ilya. Even though the two are coming from a non-gaming background, they can certainly put some of their knowledge to use in the esports world.

Reality Rift’s roster:

  • Pos1. Luk
  • Pos2. Alacrity
  • Pos3. Kyxy
  • Pos4. gk
  • Pos5. NutZ (c)



According to the founders, the aim of Reality Rift is to improve the industry and to “make things differently”. What’s more, “if nothing extraordinary happens, the team will have at least 6 months of our support. We don’t believe that anything solid can be built in a shorter period.” These words are a clear sign that owners of the team have big goals.



It’s important to note that the TI 9 qualifiers are going to start soon. However, this time, the SEA region will only have one slot, which makes the task of qualifying quite difficult. We don't know which team will be the “chosen one” from the SEA region. Until then, make sure to watch the upcoming StarLadder Minor which starts in just a few days from now. Additionally, the  EPICENTER Major, which will be the last Major of this DPC season, also starts soon.


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Image VIA: Reality Rift

Dota 2 News: The SEA Scene Has a New Contender – Reality Rift
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