Dota 2: New Bloom Rewards

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Dota 2: New Bloom Rewards

Just a few days after patch 7.21 landed and we got an MMR restart, there is yet another surprise from Valve – the New Bloom rewards were just announced.

Following the recent success of Dota 2 in terms of player base, it seems like Valve are trying to give something back to the community. Now we just need another Diretide, and things will be perfect.


Dota 2 New Bloom


The annual event first started in 2014, and it featured various rewards. On top of that, there was a new game mode where players had to battle the Year Beast Nian. There were two currencies which you could obtain – Flamesalt Ingots and Jade Tokens. You could use them for various stuff such as getting in-game items and more.


After the positive feedback from the community, Valve decided to host the event again in 2015. This time it celebrated the year of Ram. Similar to the previous New Bloom, there was a new game mode and a boss to be fought. Unlike in 2014, next year’s event had only one currency – Ability points. They were used to upgrade the Year Beast and cast abilities in-game.


In 2016, New Bloom was added as a part of the Winter Battle Pass. As some of you might remember, there were several paths, containing many quests that you had to do. As soon as you finished all of them, you were given a pretty cool set for a hero. The New Bloom was added as a bonus path that contained 7 quests. The reward? A pretty cool Ember Spirit set.

Despite the success of the event, Valve decided not to host it in 2017. Their decision received some backlash, mainly on Reddit

This Year’s New Bloom

Dota 2 New Bloom

From February 1-11, each win that you do will help you move forward in the New Bloom reward line. The prizes include gifts, celebrations, chat wheel sounds, and the big prize – an Immortal Nian Courier.

As soon as you go in-game after the update, you are already level one, and you can claim some prises. After you start winning some games, you will advance further along the line and get more rewards. All the consumables and chat wheel sounds will be available until March 1.

200 points will be given for a Normal victory and 100 for Turbo. In addition, the first win of the day will provide you with a whopping 1250 points.

If you also happen to be a Dota Plus subscriber, you will have a bonus New Bloom Wheel spin plus a New Bloom Gift Giving.

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Dota 2: New Bloom Rewards
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