Dota 2: New Auto Chess PC Version for Epic Games Store

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Dota 2: New Auto Chess PC Version for Epic Games Store

The world is in love with Auto Chess and all of it’s different forms. The phenomena started as a custom game for Dota 2. Slowly but steadily, it became the most popular arcade game in history with over 9 million active players. This lead to the introduction of a mobile version of the game, which you can download for Android.

Apart from that, Valve themselves announced that they will be making their own version of Auto Chess. The title will be Dota Underlords, however, there is no information about the release date yet.

Riot Games

The creators of League of Legends are also going to be making their own Auto Chess version. According to them,”Folks around the office have been playing in an insane amount of Dota Auto Chess in particular. We love it, and it actually got us inspired to create something new as a mode in League – read the full article HERE.

Riot’s version of the game will have similar mechanics to the original Auto Chess. You will have to spend gold in the store before each round in order to recruit League champions. What's more, you can also combine three duplicates of the same champ so that you can upgrade them.

The public beta test should be released “later this month”, according to the devs.

Auto Chess for the Epic Games Store

This is going to be the latest version of Auto Chess. However, this time Drodo Studios are going to be making the game in conjunction with the creators of Fornite.

You can try to reserve a key for the upcoming game by reading the tweet below.


We expect to learn more about the upcoming titles shortly. One thing is for sure, the Auto Chess madness is definitely going to create a genre of its own. In fact, the current situation is similar to the Battle Royale boom.

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Dota 2: New Auto Chess PC Version for Epic Games Store
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