Dota 2: Na`Vi won’t play at the OGA Dota PIT Online

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Dota 2: Na`Vi won’t play at the OGA Dota PIT Online

Sadly, one of the most interesting participants won’t take part in this event.

The OGA Dota Pit Online tournament will take place across several regions. The first one that we saw a few days ago was China and now, we are just one day away from the EU and CIS competition. Nevertheless, just a day before the event begins, one of the most prominent participants decided to withdraw.

What happened?

Natus Vincere was one of the directly invited teams in this tournament. Despite being online, the OGA Dota Pit will have a prize pool of $150K USD, which is a lot of money. Na`Vi was supposed to be in a group with HR, Alliance, OG, and Vikin.GG. Nevertheless, following their decision, we have no information as to who will be the newest addition here. Rumors have it that it could be FlyToMoon but we don’t have any confirmation on this yet.

We also don’t know why Na`Vi decided not to take part in this event. Even though they’ve shown some signs of improvement, their recent performance hasn’t been good. After the disastrous results at ESL One LA Online, Na`Vi did fairly well at WePlay!’s Pushka League.

We are yet to see what will happen with the legendary CIS team. Na`Vi has been struggling for the last several years, even though they’ve went through constant roster changes.

But in terms of the OGA Dota PIT Online, expect to see some of the best teams in the world playing here. Feel free to follow us on our social media account for more information about the event. Also, don’t forget to watch it live on Twitch.

Dota 2: Na`Vi won’t play at the OGA Dota PIT Online
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