Dota 2: Naga Siren Guide – How To Use One of the Strongest Carries in the given patch?

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Dota 2: Naga Siren Guide – How To Use One of the Strongest Carries in the given patch?

Let’s face it, Naga Siren is not the most popular carry in Dota 2, especially regarding pubs.

The hero has always been an option for some professional players, but we rarely see her in action while playing with friends. However, this doesn’t mean that Naga Siren is not worth it. In fact, she is among the best carries in the given patch and will most likely continue to be a solid option in the upcoming patch.

Despite being among the best, some people have no clue how to play with Naga Siren and make the most of her. That’s the reason why this Naga Dota 2 guide will go over all of the things you should know before using the hero. We won’t focus on the details because we will provide you with a general overview of the hero and what you can expect.

Early game

Like most late-game monsters, Naga Siren could be stronger in the early game. Since the hero will be the team’s carry, her main role is to get as much farm as possible and transition into the mid-game.

Your laning stage will depend on a couple of factors, including your teammates. Assuming you have good supports, you can do pretty well, even against aggressive lineups. What’s more, you can even score a few kills. 

That said, Naga is not the strongest laner in the game, so the enemy team will do everything they can to prevent the hero from farming. Aside from picking aggressive offlaners, they will try to pressure her and stop her from farming the jungle.

Speaking of the devil, once you get your Rip Tide and Mirror Image, you can start farming much faster. Some people use the illusions on the lane to get easier last hits, but it is better to send them to the nearby jungle camps. Doing this will allow you to farm the camps, as well as the lane, which will have a big impact on your farm. Of course, do not expect to kill every jungle camp immediately because your illusions are fairly weak during the first two levels.


Naga’s role in the mid-game can be game-changing, but it all depends on the hero she is up against and those that are on her team. Typically, most Naga players in the lower MMR brackets will focus on farming and trying to push all lanes and the T1 towers. Aside from using your illusions, you should also get Manta Style because this will allow you to have two extra illusions to work with.

Playing against a Naga Siren who knows how to push can be incredibly annoying because it is really hard to counter her. If the enemies don’t take action, the hero can just keep farming until she gets at least a couple of more items. However, if things don’t go as planned, Naga can always join her team and take some fights.

While it is not recommended, Naga can be really deadly when it comes down to fights because of her ultimate. A good Song of the Siren can be enough to set up at least a few kills and win any fight. However, the fact that Naga fights instead of farming puts her in danger and slows her down. So, it is better to focus on accumulating as much gold as possible.

Late game

The late game is where Naga Siren starts to shine and can easily carry her team. Depending on the items you get, you can become almost unstoppable in killing. Besides doing a lot of damage, your illusions become incredibly tanky. Hence, enemy heroes have to use a lot of resources to kill them.

Speaking of illusions, there will be situations where even an overly-farmed Naga won’t be able to deal with her enemies. If that’s the case, you can always use the split-pushing tactic and send your illusions to all lanes. Doing this all the time will require your enemies to go back and eventually push the waves. Needless to say, this will give your team extra time.

Naga Siren Items

After sharing some info regarding the different things you should do in each stage of the game, the next thing we’d like to cover is the items. Naga Siren is a hero that can be players in two different ways. The first one focuses on split pushing, whereas the second one is more for taking team fights.

Regardless of which option you go for, you should always purchase things like Manta Style and Butterfly because they work really well for you. That said, people who choose the first option will have to try and get Radiance as fast as possible. This item will increase their farming speed and allow them to push more efficiently.

Although the Radiance Naga item built was popular before, nowadays, most people prefer to get items that allow them to take fights. So, instead of getting Radiance, you can go for a Diffusal Blade. This item gives enough stats and damage that will allow you to take early fights.

Besides a Diff Blade/Radiance, as well as a Manta Style and Butterfly, you can also go for items like Heart of Tarrasque or even a Satanic. You can also get a Black King Bar, Scythe of Vyse, Bloodthorn, and more. It all depends on the heroes you have to go up against.

Naga Siren Counters

Despite being among the strongest late-game heroes in Dota 2, Naga Siren is not invisible. To be fair, every setup that focuses on the early and mid-game can punish Naga, so you have to be careful.

Speaking of counters, we must mention a couple of big names, such as Leshrac. The latter is one of the hottest midders in the given patch and one of the heroes that can easily kill Naga’s illusions. This will allow the rest of his team to deal with the late-game monster.

Aside from Leshrac, heroes like Sand King, Timbersaw, and Necrophos are also pretty good. In terms of other carries, Sven is the best option because of his cleave damage. What’s more, the hero has tons of armor, meaning that Naga won’t do as much against him.

Dota 2: Naga Siren Guide – How To Use One of the Strongest Carries in the given patch?
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