Dota 2: Mineski and the Post-TI Shuffle

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Dota 2: Mineski and the Post-TI Shuffle

Just a day after the end of the biggest event in esports, we have our first roster change. Usually, at the end of each TI, there are always various roster changes that occur. This is expected because many teams were not happy with what they have accomplished.

Mineski Changes

Having said that, it seems like Mineski is one of those teams. Michael ninjaboogie Ross Jr. and Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov have announced that on Twitter that they are looking for new teams. Judging by this, it is very likely that the entire Mineski roster is now disbanded.

Ninjaboogie was first a part of TNC but he quickly changes teams due to the mediocre results. During his time in Mineski, he played very well and was one of the main reasons why they managed to qualify for TI 9.On the other hand, Nikobaby, the Bulgarian prodigy, joined the SEA team just before the TI qualifiers.

This decision is a little bit strange because Mineski did well (sort of) at TI 9. Sure, they fished 9th-12th but as many of you were watching, they played exceptionally well, even against Team Secret.

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Dota 2: Mineski and the Post-TI Shuffle
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