Dota 2: Meepo Counter – How To Deal With The Pesky Hero?

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Dota 2: Meepo Counter – How To Deal With The Pesky Hero?

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to deal with Meepo.

Even though Dota 2 has hundreds of heroes you can choose from, some of them stand out more than others. One of them is Meepo, a carry/mid laner that can single-handedly carry his team to victory. This is by far one of the hardest heroes to master, which explains why you can’t see it that often in low-rated pubs.

Meepo is one of the agility heroes that require special attention when you have to play against him. Besides doing insane amounts of damage, Meepo can easily out-level the entire enemy team and cause havoc in the mid-game. Sure, he is not the best late-game monster, but most pro Meepo players end the game before it reaches its later stages.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the things you should know regarding the hero.

Pick a hero that works well against him

The first and also the most important thing that you have to do against Meepo is to choose the right heroes. As you know, the hero’s strength is the fact that he has clones that deal loads of damage and can use the main Meepo’s spells. In order to counter that, you should focus on heroes that do well against multiple targets.

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There are several good options to choose from, such as Earthshaker, Legion Commander, Winter Wyvern, and more. If those heroes don’t fit into your lineup, you can also counter Meepo by picking a strong damage burst. For example, heroes like Templar Assassin and Slardar can work well against Meepo because they deal insane amounts of physical damage.

Apart from the heroes mentioned above, some people go for the big ultimate shows, such as Enigma, Sand King, and Magnus. While it is true they work well against Meepo, those heroes require the team to have big damage dealers. Otherwise, Meepo won’t die during the ultimate’s duration and will easily kill the rest enemy team after that.

Roam jungle and place offensive wards

Besides picking the right heroes, another thing you can do to counter Meepo is warding. Having Observer Wards in the right places can make a huge difference when playing against this hero. As you probably know, he will usually take the mid-lane and use his clones for farming the jungle camps. If you manage to prevent that from happening, the hero won’t be able to utilize his full potential.

Of course, playing aggressively early on is not always a good idea. In some cases, you can’t afford to do that because there could be enemy heroes that could gank your mid laner all the time.

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Delay the hero’s timings as much as possible

Another thing that some Dota 2 players do to counter Meepo is to delay the hero’s timings. Similar to any other core, Meepo becomes a lot stronger when he purchases some items. For example, some Meepo players get a Blink Dagger and an Ethereal Blade, whereas others prefer to stack as many stats as possible.

Regardless of what kind of Meepo player you play against, try to delay his item purchases. Meepo is one of the agility heroes that needs to snowball to be effective. So, if you manage to prevent that from happening, you should be able to “remove” him from the game.

At the time of writing this, Meepo is among the most successful heroes in the highest MMR brackets. Despite the many changes over the years, this hero continues to be the preferred option for many players. Although you can’t always counter him because most players will pick Meepo last, it is important to know what you should avoid doing when playing against him.

Dota 2: Meepo Counter – How To Deal With The Pesky Hero?
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