Dota 2: MDL Paris Major | Day 4 Recap

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Dota 2: MDL Paris Major | Day 4 Recap

Join us as ESTNN recaps Day 4 of the MDL Paris Major.

The second day of the playoffs was as interesting as expected. Sadly, two more teams had to leave the tournament, in addition to the two that left yesterday. Tomorrow is a day off, so make sure to watch the games that you missed. Now, let’s take a quick look at what happened today.


Upper Bracket

Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid

Many reffered to this match as the Battle of the Titans. It was everything we expected: intense moments, clutch plays and many kills. In Game One, the NA Evil Geniuses powerhouse decided to stick with the meta by getting a Drow Ranger and a Miranа. On the other hand, Liquid got the chance to pick one of Matumbaman's signature heroes – Broodmother.

Even though EG had a good start, TL was able to take control of the game after the first ten minutes. Sumail and Co. tried to take some good fights but as soon as Matumba and Miracle joined them, their chances slowly started to fade away.

With TL having over 20k net worth advantage just 30 minutes into the game proved to be a little too much for EG. They tried to stay in the game by delaying the fights as much as possible but it was unsuccessful.


In Game Two, EG decided to get Alchemist, a hero that is more than capable of winning games alone. Lucky for them, they have one of the best players in their roster to play the hero — Sumail. As we know, Sumail plays Alchemist to near perfection and this game was yet again another example. He was 6-slotted just 30 minutes in, which gave the Europeans almost no chance. They tried to defend for the next ten minutes but in the end, the inevitable happened.

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With the momentum, EG dominated the entire third game. Miracle was the only one who was close to EG’s cores in terms of net worth. However, the damage output from EG’s cores was just way too much to deal with.

One of the most interesting moments here was in the beginning. Team Liquid tried to take a tier one tower before the creep wave was even spawned. Unfortunately, they did not succeed.

NiP vs Vici Gaming

Ninjas in Pyjamas seems to have found a way to deal with the hyper-aggressive Vici Gaming. The Chinese had a very strong start in game one but, despite that, they ended up losing. One of the main reasons for that was NiP’s Naga, which had a crazy amount of farm. Even though SF has a lot of AoE damage, the Chinese had no proper answer for NiP’s core. Realizing the situation, they called the GG and prepared themselves for Game Two.

The second game was completely one-sided. Vici Gaming decimated their enemies, giving them little to no chance to do anything. The Magnus + double melee combo still seems to be among the strongest compositions nowadays.

PPD drafted a very team-fight based line-up for the third game which turned out to be successful. The Chinese had a very farmed Dusa could have carried the game for them. Unfortunately, NiP’s PL had a different plan. The OGA Dota Pit Minor champions continue to impress in Paris. Their next enemy will be EG and as we know, this was PPD’s previous team. It will be one epic series.

Lower Bracket

Today was the last round of the deadly best-of-ones. Sadly, two more teams had to wave goodbye.


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Chaos EC vs paiN Gaming

Chaos and paiN picked some of their most comfortable heroes for Game One. It seemed like w33’s team had a better laning stage, even though paiN was constantly doing rotations. After yet another five-man wipe from Chaos, they were able to secure Roshan. This gave them the needed confidence to start pushing towards the enemy's base.

However, paiN’s Juggernaut had different plans. Having no counters to counter him, he was able to deal with both of the enemy cores. After losing a very decisive team fight near their T3 tower, Chaos called the GG.

The next challenge ahead of the South Americans will be Team Liquid. It will definitely be a hard one but considering TL’s recent performance, we might see

Keen Gaming vs Fnatic

As expected, the player got their best heroes in order to try to win this best-of-one. That’s why we got the chance to see Abed’s Invoker in play. However, his performance was pretty questionable.

Keen Gaming had a very team-fight orientated line-up that constantly wanted to take fights. Naturally, they were leading in terms of net worth during the early stages. They were relentlessly running at their enemies and just 19 minutes in, the first lane of rax was down. Fnatic looked like a mere shadow of their former glory. They had no answer to Keen’s attacks. They tried counter-attack KG in the Rosh pit but the damage output was just not there.

The Chinese got a well-deserved victory. Tomorrow, they will have to prove themselves again, this time against another team from China – Vici Gaming.

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Dota 2: MDL Paris Major | Day 4 Recap
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