Dota 2: MDL Disneyland Paris Major | Day 6 Recap

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Dota 2: MDL Disneyland Paris Major | Day 6 Recap

The sixth day of, arguably, one of the most interesting Majors of this years’ DPC is over.  Two more teams had to pack their stuff and go home. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Lower Bracket

PSG.LGD vs. Virtus.Pro

One of the most anticipated series of the day was this one. Both teams gave it their all, but the winner was only one – PSG.LGD

Game one was mainly a farm fest as both sides tried to outfarm their enemies. Luckily for LGD, both of their cores – Medusa and Sven – were able to dominate the farming game. On top of that, the Chinese had a heavily team-fight based line-up that was tough to deal with.

Virtus.Pro tried to split push more in order to avoid manfighthing them. However, as soon as Maybe got enough farm, he became too big to deal with. After winning the last team-fight near Dire’s T3, VP had no other option but to call the GG.

Facing defeat, Ramzess and co. tried to pick some of their most comfortable heroes. At first, it seemed like VP would completely stomp their enemies because they were leading 12-0 in terms of kills. Even though LGD were able to win a couple of fights, VP still continued to dictate the pace of the game.

Despite that, LGD won a very chaotic team fight near their T3 tower, which forced a triple buyback on the side of VP in order to prevent the Chinese from getting Roshan. Sadly, their plan did not work.

The Chinese took Rosh and after wiping VP, claimed the victory in the series.

Team Liquid vs. Vici Gaming

The first game between the two titans was very even, despite the fact that the difference in terms of kills was very noticeable.

The Chinese powerhouse was able to control the game for the most part due to their Medusa. Ori had a fantastic game and was the top net-worth hero for the vast majority of the game.

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As expected, the longer the game went, the stronger Vici became. Team Liquid’s draft was excellent during the early/mid game; however, Troll was pretty much the only hero who could deal with Medusa later on.

Although TL had Doom, Vici did an incredible job of controlling him properly. This prevented MC from landing those crucial ultimates that could change the course of a team-fight.

As the game went on, TL’s chances were slowly fading away. After yet another bad team fight, Kuro and his teammates tapped out.

Game two

With their backs against the wall, the European powerhouse had to change something if they wanted to stay in the tournament.

The second game of the series was full with tons of back-and-forth action. In fact, neither team was able to get a clear lead for the first 30 minutes. However, Team Liquid was able to win an essential team fight that gave them the upper hand. Even though they continued to snowball, Vici Gaming did a good job defending themselves.

Regardless of that, the inevitable happened as TL caught Vici’s heroes without a buyback. This gave them an Aegis, Cheese, and a Refresher Shard, which was enough to secure the victory, forcing the series into a game three.

Game three

The Chinese went with the good-old Magnus + double melee combo. Naturally, they were able to get good farm during the early stage of the game. This gave them a lot of fighting potential for the mid-game, which they utilized very well.

Team Liquid tried to delay the game as much as possible in order to secure enough time for their Medusa. GH’s  Earth Shaker was probably one of the main reasons why this game was not over in just 20 minutes.

The efforts from TL slowly started to pay off as Miracle became the strongest hero on the map. After Vici failed yet another team fight, the Europeans just walked in their enemies base and grabbed the victory.

Upper Bracket

Team Secret vs. OG

A battle between the current TI champion and one of the best teams in the world right now.

In game one, Team Secret picked a classic line-up around MidOne and his Storm Spirit. However, the star of the show was Nisha. The Polish Prodigy completely demolished OG in the team fights. The only glimmer of hope for the TI champions was Phantom Assassin, but he could not deal with the damage input from Team Secret.

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Being just one game away from the Upper Bracket Final, Team Secret was looking very motivated in the second game of the series. They had over 40 kills advantage just 27 minutes into the game, which was a clear sign where this was going.

The next challenge ahead of the EU powerhouse will be Evil Geniuses.

Evil Geniuses vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas

As we all know, this series was definitely going to be special mainly due to ppd and his history with EG.

In game one, NiP had an interesting draft with a very cheesy Arc pick that ripped through EG’s lineup. On top of that, ppd also got Furion, which meant a never-ending split push.

After around an hour of epic Dota, EG’s cores were just too strong to deal with. NiP tried to defend themselves, but it was unsuccessful as Sumail finished the game a perfect score.

Game two

Being just one game away from the Lower Bracket, NiP decided on a very tanky lineup for game two.

Unlike last game, EG had a solid start. One of the main reasons for that was Cr1t, who was involved in all kills during the first minutes.

It seemed as if both teams focused more on farming rather than fighting. Despite that, NiP was able to win a crucial team fight around the 26th minute. This gave them the Aegis as well as a 5k net worth advantage. Naturally, they continued to dominate, and twenty minutes later, the GG call from EG was out.

Game three

In game three, EG went with a very team fight based line-up as well as a Spectre to secure the late game. However, NiP’s WK had the time of his life, which meant bad news for the NA squad. Ace was able to get a 15-minute Radiance, which made the early-mid game fights very hard for EG.

Despite that, the NA powerhouse was able to recover as soon as Artour got the needed items to fight. NiP tried to take some fights, but the sheer damage output from EG was too much.

The victory goes to Sumail and Co.

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Dota 2: MDL Disneyland Paris Major | Day 6 Recap
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