Dota 2: MDL Chengdu Major – Day 6 Recap

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Dota 2: MDL Chengdu Major – Day 6 Recap

After another exciting day in Chengdu today we're breaking down all the action from the lower bracket.

The first Major of the 2019-2020 DPC is slowly coming to an end. Every single day of it had something fresh to offer and this one was no exception. Sadly, three more teams left the tournament after getting eliminated in the Lower Bracket.

Let's dive in and check what happened in each series.

Team Liquid vs. Alliance

This was definitely among the most anticipated series of the entire tournament. As you know, these two teams are more than just enemies in Dota 2. Team Liquid's current squad used to play under the name Alliance before they were set off in favor of Adrian “Fata” Trinks's newly formed team. Although the present Alliance was definitely the big favorite, Max “qojqva” Bröcke and Co. played phenomenally.

In game one, Alliance picked their favorite Morphling + Shaker combo which is very, very strong. However, little did they know, Team Liquid have written their homework. The European powerhouse played nearly flawlessly the entire game and did little to no mistakes. Even though the game went for almost an hour, Team Liquid was always on the driving train and never allowed their enemies to shift the balance of power.

With just one game away from being eliminated, Alliance tried to bounce back in game two. However, their efforts were absolutely futile as Team Liquid looked stronger than ever before. It's as if they had permanent “real-life Bloodlust” because they didn't let their enemies do anything. Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov and his team-mates tried to delay the game as much as possible. Sadly, Team Liquid never allowed this to happen.

This is definitely the “sweetest” victory for Team Liquid in a while. If you remember, these two teams met during the qualifiers for this tournament and Alliance completely ripped through them. After their success, the next challenge ahead of the ex-Alliance roster is Evil Geniuses.

iG vs. beastcoast

The second series of the day matched up the Summit 11 Minor Champions and the South American wonder – beastcoast. Both of them played very well so far and this made the outcome of the series unpredictable.

In the first game of the series, iG decided to try the classic Morph + ES combo. Even though they played reasonably well, beastcoast expected this and countered it with their Chaos Knight who sliced and diced through the Chinese lineup.

Unlike game one, the Chinese powerhouse completely demolished their enemies in the second game of the series. After securing themselves a solid start, iG's TA + Ogre gave beastcoast a rampart. The deadly duo did non-stop ganks everywhere on the map.

Following just 20 minutes of play, beastcoast had only one kill and were 10k+ net worth behind. As you can imagine, it was pretty much impossible for them to recover and GG was called.

Seeing the power of TA, beastcoast took a page of iG's book and picked the hero for themselves. In addition, they've also got a Drow Ranger and Enchantress, which resulted in some severe right-click damage.

Although they had an impressive 10k lead, the Summit Minor champions completely turned the game around after a very messy fight. iG was able to kill BC's TA without a buyback which resulted in a fast Roshan kill. With the aegis on their side, the Chinese went straight to the throne and eliminated their enemies from the Major.

Evil Geniuses vs. Team Liquid

This was the final series of the day and oh boy, what series it was. The best North American team had to battle against the ex-Alliance roster in order to stay in the Major.

As expected, the TI 5 champions dominated this series. In game one, they've picked a very “in-your-face” draft that was perfect against the late-game lineup of Alliance. After securing themselves a solid start, the NA powerhouse snowballed out of control.

To make matters worse for Alliance, they only had one reliable CC against Storm Spirit. Needless to say, Abed took full advantage of it and caused massive pain for the Europeans.

With just one game away from being eliminated, Team Liquid tried to turn things around. Unlike last time, they got an excellent start as they pressured Arteezy on the top lane. Nevertheless, a series of clumsy mistakes allowed EG to grab the lead and unlike their European counterparts, they took full advantage of it.

Even though he had a rough start, Atour “Arteezy” Babaev was able to recover very well. As soon as he got enough farm, EG was able to deliver their knock out punch, sending Team Liquid hope.

Be sure to watch the final two days of the MDL Chengdu Major. On the contrary, if you missed any of the actions, feel free to check our daily recaps.

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Dota 2: MDL Chengdu Major – Day 6 Recap
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