Dota 2: Man Creates Massive Tiny Sculpture

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Dota 2: Man Creates Massive Tiny Sculpture

Edgar Milashevich is a hobbyist that specializes in sculptures of video game characters.

A 30-year old Belarusian man Edgar Milashevich lives in Vitebsk District of Belarus. As a hobby, he spends his free time creating sculptures. Tiny, a Dota 2 character, became his first really big sculpture – and it looks amazing!

Dota 2 Statue 1

Milashevich says he spent two months to create this piece. It took:

  • A ton of cement;
  • A truck of gravel;
  • Uncountable quantity of stones and bricks.

Dota 2 Statue 2

The sculptor pointed out that he makes a lot of such statues, but they are normally much smaller. “I can’t really say why I chose Tiny. I wanted to make something big and place it outside. Also, I had a very small experience working with a cement, therefore I needed a project without jewelry work and hard to make elements,” – says Milashevich.

The height of the cement-made Tiny is 9.5 feet, with another foot-and-a-half deep base under the ground. Milashevich says he will continue to create such statues in the future.

Do you want to see more? Here’s a small Pudge made by Edgar a couple of years ago:

Dota 2 Statue 4

Dota 2 Statue 5

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