Dota 2: Lowkey Esports – A New SEA Dota 2 Team

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Dota 2: Lowkey Esports – A New SEA Dota 2 Team

LowKey Esports is the newest name in the Dota 2 scene.

After Fnatic and Mineski changed their rosters drastically in the post-TI shuffle, there is a new team aiming to take over the region. Its name is Lowkey Esports.

Introducing LowKey Esports

Lowkey Esports is not a new name to the gaming scene by all means. In fact, they have teams in Overwatch and Rocket League. Having said that, it seems that they want to take it one step further and join a very competitive Dota 2 scene. Today, they revealed their full roster featuring a mix between both well-known and all-new players. It looks like this is the trend nowadays because many teams opt for these types of rosters.

The Roster

  • Christian John “Skadilicious” Abasolo
  • Yuri “Yowe” Dave Pacaña
  • Sam Solomon Enojasa “Sam_H” Hidalgo
  • Lester “LuziFy” Gabriel
  • Kenneth “Flysolo” Coloma (captain)

There are some familiar names here, such as Sam_H (who used to play for TNC predator a couple of years ago). That said, it will definitely take some time before the players get used to each other. That's why it's unlikely that fans will see this team in any of the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit tournaments.

Despite the newness of the team, LowKey Esports are currently taking part in a local SEA tournament called the Lipon Invitational. Despite the fact that the prize pool is not that big, there are many well-known teams there such as Team Adroit, Execration and more. This is a perfect challenge for the new team and we can only hope that it will go well for them.

Time Will Tell If LowKey Can Compete At the Top Level

Needless to say, they still need some time before they can challenge the likes of Fnatic, TNC or Mineski for regional dominance. However, if they put enough work and effort, the results will surely come in no time. They just need to be persistent enough.

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Dota 2: Lowkey Esports – A New SEA Dota 2 Team
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