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Jaishil Mistry
Jaishil "Drifter" Mistry is a Dota 2 analyst, esports journalist and a professional coach. He has high proficiency in draft and game analysis of Dota 2 matches. Connect with him on Twitter @DrifterDota

Dota 2: Latam Defenders Suspends Aretes For Racial Slurs

Pro Dota 2 player Jeanpierre Rivera "Aretes" Perez sits in a gaming chair with a PC monitor next to him displaying the Latam Defenders logo.
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After saying some awful things online, Aretes is facing punishment.

Latam Defenders has suspended Peruvian support player, Jeanpierre Rivera "Aretes" Perez, for making racially discriminatory remarks in a pub match against Andrew "Jubei" Evelyn.

The racial slurs were first called out by host/commentator Andrew "Zyori" Campbell. He attached screenshots of the racist comments in a Twitter post. He also asked Latam Defenders if they tolerated such discrimination from its players.

The team responded by issuing a statement saying that they “reject any act of discrimination, racism, or unsporting behavior”. They also announced that Aretes has been suspended until further notice.

Aretes suffered a double black-eye as Beyond The Summit also banned him from playing in the remainder of BTS Pro Series Season 5: Americas, their on-going Dota 2 tournament. He would also be prevented from receiving any part of his team’s winnings in the tournament.

Latam Defenders tapped Junior Reyes "Yadomi" Rimari of Team Unknown to take Aretes’ place.

Pro Dota 2 player Andrew "Jubei" Evelyn wears a hoodie with a screen behind him and looks downwards.

Jubei, who is from Canada, had previously suffered similar racist slurs from SA player Eliseo "Faker" Arancibia in another pub match in February 2021. There were no reported sanctions issued against Faker. Jubei has been a professional Dota 2 player since 2013 and currently plays for Black N Yellow.

Featured image via Live Esports.

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