Dota 2 lags – How To Fix the Problem

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Dota 2 lags – How To Fix the Problem

If you are experiencing Dota 2 lags, here is how you can fix the problem.

Despite the fact that Dota 2 is not a new game and it has been around for some time, there are times when people have issues. The fact that some people have Dota 2 lagging problems is probably not a surprise, especially if they have older computers. However, what’s surprising is that even there are reporting different Dota 2 lag issues.

You can find a lot of information as to why there are Dota 2 lags and what is causing it. Truth be told, this can happen because of numerous factors, some of which are outside of out control. For example, DotA was lagging back in the days when people picked Invoker because the hero was too complex. 

With that said, we can help you fix your Dota 2 lagging problems, so let’s learn more about it.

Dota 2 Lags – What is it?

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The term “lag” is used by Dota 2 players to describe a situation where the game is not responding on time. It can be very frustrating to deal with lag issues because it has a very bad effect on your gameplay. For example, you may miss out on using a particular ability or item, and you or your team could die because of it. 

There are tons of situations like that, and some heroes are affected by lag more than others. Those with big AoE abilities suffer more when there is a Dota 2 lagging issue than the rest because players need to have a perfect connection in order to play.

The things that can cause Dota 2 lags

When it comes down to what can cause Dota 2 lag issues, the possibilities are endless. The first thing that we have to address is your gaming gear, specifically, your GPU. People with lower-end devices can experience a lot of difficulties because their GPU is not powerful enough to support the game. Although some may not classify those types of problems as Dota 2 lags, others use this term.

Another hardware limitation that can cause Dota 2 lagging issues is your CPU. In fact, some people who are having problems decide to use Dota 2’s “Demo Hero” option and try their CPU’s limits. There are a lot of options you can try there, especially when you enable the “Free Abilities” option that will test your CPU’s limits.

If you want to minimize the risk of having problems, make sure you adhere to the Dota 2 minimum requirements. Here are some of them:

  • CPU – Dual Core of 2.8GHz and above
  • RAM – 4 GB and above
  • GPU – GeForce 8600/Radeon HD 2600 and above
  • Storage Space – 15 GB and up

If we put the hardware issues aside, Dota 2 might be lagging because of your network. Nowadays, the internet connection is way better than it was several years ago. Yet, some people keep having problems that affect the way they play.

Dota 2 Lags – How To Fix The Problem

To fix the Dota 2 lags problems, the first thing you can do is to visit the in-game settings and check what you are using. A lot of people want to have better graphics experience better effects, and use the optional settings. However, this can cause problems for lower-end PCs, so it’s better to lower those options. You may also want to lower the resolution if the other options do not help, regardless if you are playing on the 7.34d patch.

Another thing that will help you fix the Dota 2 lagging issue is closing any open apps you may have on your computer. A lot of people forget about those things, but they make a difference, especially when people are using an older device.

Of course, do not forget to use the latest game drivers because this ensures you will have optimal results. It is common for GPU companies to release new updates when there is a known issue, so check if that’s the case.

People who are having network issues will have more problems because fixing those things is easier said than done. Aside from changing your internet provider, you can try to close any active downloads you have and apps that are using your internet. If that does not work, you should contact your provider and tell them about the issue.

Some people also decide to restart their router or modem in order to get a better internet connection. While this could work for the given time, it’s not a permanent fix to the problem, so keep that in mind. 

An interesting option regarding the Dota 2 lag problems is that you can choose your Dota 2 network quality inside the settings menu. This means that people who are experiencing difficulties can switch to this option and get better results.

What other things to keep in mind when there are Dota 2 lagging issues?

Aside from what we’ve mentioned here, you can try a few other things to fix the problem. For example, you can reinstall the game, use the Fullscreen instead of Windfowed option, check some of your antivirus settings, use the “high priority” option inside the Task Manager, and more.

Dota 2 lags – How To Fix the Problem
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