Dota 2: Kuku will stay with TNC

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Dota 2: Kuku will stay with TNC

Carlo “Kuku” Palad will stay with TNC after their run at TI 9.

Last week, TNC's Carlo “Kuku” Palad announced that he was looking for a new team. The news was both shocking and odd, especially considering how well TNC played over their TI 9 run.

Apparently, it was a joke.

As many people expected, this turned out to be just a joke from TNC’s superstar. Today, he posted a picture on his Facebook where he apologized to those who fell for his joke. Having said that, TNC has not confirmed anything yet, so there could still be changes ahead for the team.

TNC proved themselves as the best SEA team following their performance at TI 9. Be sure to check our full TI 9 recaps here.

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Dota 2: Kuku will stay with TNC
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