Dota 2: Kuku and eyyou Officially Leave TNC

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Dota 2: Kuku and eyyou Officially Leave TNC

In case you forgot, Carlo “Kuku” Palad announced a couple of days ago that he would be leaving TNC Predator. This came as a shock because the SEA powerhouse had a fantastic run at TI 9. That said, the information turned out to be false as Kuku had no intensions in leaving. Nonetheless, this changed today.

Carlo joined TNC in early 2016 and quickly became an icon. In fact, many people tend to look at him the same way as they looked at Dendi when he was with Na’Vi. However, there were also tough moments, especially when the racist scandal occurred. To make a long story short, Kuku became the first professional player to receive sanctions by Valve for his behavior, which was a clear sign that to the other players that they must behave.

What Happened Today?

After a couple of days since the initial announcement, TNC Predator has confirmed that they will be parting ways with Kuku and Nico “eyyou” Barcelon, leaving the SEA squad with just three players for now. TNC even made a small video on YouTube explaining what happened and why did they decided to part ways with their players.

As of today, we still don’t know who will be filling in the gap left by Kuku and eyyou. Both of them were fantastic players so it is kind of sad to see them leave. In fact, TNC even made a special video where their CEO gives a statement.

TNC During TI 9

Many people considered TNC to be the “hidden” favorite for TI. To be fair, they performed very well, but Team Liquid proved to be too strong.

Regardless of the loss, TNC proved themselves as the best team from their region. However, after the changes that happened today, this statement might not be valid anymore.

There are still many players who are without a team, which means that we will see some new rotations very soon. Who knows, we might see some players even shifting regions entirely.

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Dota 2: Kuku and eyyou Officially Leave TNC
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