Dota 2: Keen Gaming Goes Through Another Roster Change

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Dota 2: Keen Gaming Goes Through Another Roster Change

Keen Gaming goes through another big roster change.

One considered as one of the best teams in China, Keen Gaming haven’t been able to show their real prowess recently. In fact, the entire DPC wasn’t really going well for them and the COVID-19 situation didn’t help either.

Some of you might not know, but KG also underwent a roster change around three weeks ago. Back then, they introduced three new members. One of which was Tue “ah fu” Soon, who’s proven himself in several teams now. However, it seems like these changes were not enough because Keen Gaming went ahead and announced new changes on Chinese social media platform weibo.

Roster shuffle

Keen Gaming was one of the main contenders in the CDA League that took place a few days ago. Nevertheless, the Chinese team seems as if they’ve crumbled under pressure. Which is why three of their player; Zhai “Yingning” Jingkai, Xiao “ss” Yihu and Tang “71” Wenyi, as well as their coach, decided to leave.

According to the official announcement, all of them left due to personal reasons. However, since KG already qualified for the DPL-CDA Pro League, they had to make some changes if they wanted to participate in it. As a result, this is their current roster;

  • Yang “Erica” Shaothan
  • Xu “Blood” Ziliang
  • Zhuang “xiaofu” Yongfu
  • Zhao “Yds” Jiayi
  • Yu “Fantasy” Yajun

If some of the names here seem familiar, that’s due to the fact that these players came from KG.Luminous. That’s right, KG decided to mix their rosters in an attempt to play in this league. The idea seems good on paper but we’re yet to see what will happen.

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Dota 2: Keen Gaming Goes Through Another Roster Change
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