Dota 2: JerAx Announces Retirement from Professional Dota 2

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Dota 2: JerAx Announces Retirement from Professional Dota 2

JerAx has just announced his retirement from the professional scene to pursue other creative endeavors.

Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka is one of the best support players in the world. After spending some time in Team Liquid, he made a move to OG and the rest is history. During the time he spent with the club, he and his team-mates managed to win TI twice in a row. Needless to say, this is something absolutely phenomenal.

Time to say goodbye

However, everything good comes to an end. After a couple of years at one of the most successful Dota 2 teams in the world, JerAx decided that it’s time to move on.
“I love being creative and have a huge urge to bring ideas to life. I’ve found video games to be an amazing platform for this,” he said. Adding that he often finds himself questioning how things are in ‘their current form' and is seeking “alternative ways to change the standardized models.”

JerAx also talks about the professional competitive scene, and the toll it takes on players mentally and emotionally. “Living in this culture has hit me hard. Thinking about the yearly “grind” makes me feel apathetic, exhausted, and almost numb.”

According to Jesse himself, the wins themselves didn’t actually bring him any joy.

“It’s the creative work behind it. It’s the ideas we have came up with and shared together and the polished details that eventually made the difference. What truly counts as a win for me, are the things that happen on an everyday basis. When you see improvement in front of your eyes, when your teammate takes into consideration that one thing you asked them to, and how they still accept you after your endless screw ups.

He continues his statement by saying that he has no willingness or passion to play Dota 2 anymore.

OG were quick to add that though JerAx is departing from the active roster, he will still remain a part of the organization. Closing their announcement with the words; “Once in the fam, always in the fam.”

What's Next for OG?

We are still yet to see what will be the next challenge ahead of this amazing player. In terms of OG, there are many questions right now that still have not been answered.

As you know, Anathan “ana” Pham won’t be attending TI 10 and now JerAx is gone too. This begs the question, is this the end of OG? We hope not.

Be sure to watch the upcoming True Sight that will be released in just two days from now. Everyone was eager to watch but after all the events in recent days, the hype is to the roof.

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Dota 2: JerAx Announces Retirement from Professional Dota 2
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