Dota 2: Is Weaver A Viable Carry In 2021?

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Dota 2: Is Weaver A Viable Carry In 2021?

Let’s take a look at whether Weaver is a viable carry in 2021.

By the looks of it, 2021 is going to be a good year for Dota 2. The new DPC has started and we already got to see loads of amazing series. Needless to say, there were loads of interesting heroes that were picked in several series, one of which was Weaver.

The pesky hero hasn’t been the most popular pick through the years, at least when it comes down to the professional Dota 2 scene. However, it seems like the recent changes have a positive impact because Weaver was picked a lot of times, especially in combination with IO. The two heroes are really difficult to deal with because they are hard to kill and can do a lot of damage.

With that being said, let’s take a look at a few things that will help us decide whether Weaver is a viable carry.

Weaver’s current state

Similar to most heroes in Dota 2, Weaver received a lot of buffs in the last couple of years. Even though neither of them were ground-breaking, it seems they were enough to make the hero a lot stronger.

Truth be told, Weaver used to be pretty popular before, but since the Ring of Aquila was removed from the game, the hero was not that strong early on. Sure, he has a decent mana regen, but he is definitely one of the carries that need extra mana regen.

Following the changes, Weaver was often picked as an offlaner because he is tough to kill. Even though he can’t win the lane, he can farm pretty well. Sadly, he wasn’t able to prove himself in the offlane because the hero does not have any pick-off or team-fight spells, such as Centaur, Sand King, Dark Seer, etc.

One of the things that we were a little disappointed by was Weaver’s Aghanim’s Shard. Although the item itself is pretty good because it provides a lot of things, Weaver doesn’t really have the time to purchase the item because there are more important things that should be bought. One of them is the Falcon Blade, an item that helps the hero with his mana issues.

When does the hero shine the most?

Weaver is pretty strong early on but he definitely shines the most during the mid game. As long as he purchases the right items, he is capable of killing almost any hero in the game.

Unfortunately, Weaver is not the best late-game carry especially compared to some of the other heroes.


Weaver is a great hero that can do a lot of damage and carry his team. However, he is not one of the heroes that you can pick right away. Unfortunately, Weaver is one of the heroes that does not have any flash-farming abilities. This means that it will be really difficult to make a comeback if the laning stage does not go well.

To sum up, the hero can be an excellent option, but you shouldn’t pick him early on.

Dota 2: Is Weaver A Viable Carry In 2021?
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