DOTA 2: Starladder IMBATV Minor – Day 3 Highlights

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DOTA 2: Starladder IMBATV Minor – Day 3 Highlights

The third day of StarLadder ImbaTV Minor was full of very interesting games. Four teams had to pack their suitcases and head home. If you missed any of the games from the last two days, make sure to check out our highlights.

The end of OG and Boom ID


The first challenge ahead of the TI 8 champions was Royal Never Give Up. Even though the Chinese team performed very well in the last events, they were just unable to show their full potential during this Minor.

In the first game of the series, OG were able to dominate their enemies pretty much the entire game. Even though their picks were based on the late-game monsters – Morphling and Troll Warlord, the European powerhouse was still able to win the early game, which pretty much guaranteed them the victory.

RNGU definitely played better in game two, but it was still not enough. The TI champs' Alchemist was one of the key figures for their success as OG reigned supreme.

The next challenge ahead of n0tail and his team-mates was Old but Gold. The first game of the series went in favour of Illidan and Co. OG was just unable to take full advantage of their empowered lineup.

Facing elimination, the champions played a phenomenal second game. Their Tiderhunter itemized in a way to neglect nearly the entire damage output from ObG.

Third time’s a charm, especially for ObG’s Shadow Fiend. The minus armour start of the CIS team worked very well. They needed just 25 minutes to secure their victory.

OG has yet again failed to impress with their performance. On the contrary, ObG have shown a pretty decent performance. The next challenge ahead of them is Vici Gaming.



The Indonesian sensation was unable to deal with Gambit esports in their first match of the group. That’s how they ended up playing against DB in the Losers’ Match.

The first encounter between the two was the most interesting game of the day. Having tons of back-and-forth action going on, both teams were trying to take any advantage. In the end, after a very chaotic fight in the top lane, DB was able to claim the lead in the series.

Game two went in favour of the Indonesians as Dreamocel’s Phantom Assassin was just on another level. He was able to demolish the enemy lines and even secured himself a rampage.

Many people expected the third decisive game to be a replay of game one but that did not happen. DB just outmaneuvered and outplayed their opponents in game three, which gave them the victory.

Gambit continues their quest

The last series of the day was a battle between Gambit and DB. In game one, Gambit was mainly relying on LC’s high duel damage, whereas the Peruvians had an insane burst damage lineup. After several bad mistakes from DB’s Lina, the CIS team was able to claim the victory.

With just one game separating them from playoffs, Gambit decided to make a comfortable draft for themselves. One of the biggest stars here was their Earth Spirit. He was everywhere, and was one of the main reasons for Gambit’s victory.

Gambit’s next opponent will be Flying Penguins, so be sure to watch the game because it will be worth it.

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DOTA 2: Starladder IMBATV Minor – Day 3 Highlights
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