Dota 2: How TP Scrolls Can Help Win Games

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Dota 2: How TP Scrolls Can Help Win Games

The Importance of TP Scrolls.

Dota 2 is a complex game where there are many things to remember. It is a time-consuming process to learn the game and even experienced players get their hands loose on the basics. One such concept is using the Town Portal Scrolls in the game.

Originally, TPs never had a separate slot, but as the game matured, the developers realised the importance of having a separate slot for TP Scrolls, and now a dedicated slot exists just for them.

TPs make and break the game for players. We'll take a look at some of the main reasons TPs are so crucial and how players can perfect usage of them. For the sake of simplicity we will divide the role of TPs into early and mid to late game.

TP Scrolls in the early game

Dota’s early game is divided into laning stage and post-laning stage period. Typically, the laning stage should end around the 8-minute-mark. It is an extremely important phase of the game and is the basis on which most of the game depends. Laning stage is crucial for a hero’s experience and farm. It is best to use TPs instantly after respawning during this phase for both supports and core heroes to gain required XP and farm. Farm and experience are more important for cores, whereas supports have a little more space to miss out on them. A few exceptions include support heroes trying to save TPs in case the mid lane needs help in a counter gank.

The post-laning stage is a different story. This especially holds true for core heroes. TPs are essential for rotation on the map. Hence, it is almost criminal to use TPs after respawning post the laning stage. For example: If say you are still comfortable laning post the laning stage in your safe lane, but suddenly a fight breaks out between you and the enemy offlane which causes the enemy mid laner and a support to TP. Outnumbered by the enemy team, the best decision in most cases will be to back off and TP to another lane which is free. Similarly supports have to save TPs to react to fights happening in other lanes. TPs are gateways and options which get closed once you use it unwisely. Even more so when a TP Scroll costs 100 gold.

TP Scrolls in mid to late game

It's much easier to understand when to TP in the mid to late game if a player has experience of using them in the early phases. Even in the mid-game, it is best to walk to a lane rather than using TPs. This opens up rotation opportunities similar to the ones in early game. It is important to note that the pace of mid-game is higher and the consequences of bad TPs are much more than in the early minutes. Alternatively, it is sometimes better to TP straight to a lane, like if the enemy team is overextending in fights and most enemy heroes are low in HP.

Late game TPs are a bit more complex, considering there are many variable options on the map. However, it is important to keep in mind the objectives, ally and enemy positions at all times. Players should have a thought process behind every TP in the late game. Thought process is mostly long-term planning of what you want to do after you have fulfilled the immediate objective of rotating. It could be for shoving waves, joining a nearby smoke gank your team is planning or it could be for taking Roshan.

Players who use TPs wisely will definitely have a positive impact on their win rate. Concepts of split pushing cannot be complete without using Town Portal Scrolls effectively. So it is important to give attention to the item and use it intelligently.

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