Dota 2: How to counter Morphling?

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Dota 2: How to counter Morphling?

We breakdown some of the best tips to counter that pesky Morphling.

Carries in Dota 2 have one of the most important roles in the game. They have to try and get as much gold as possible in order to purchase the items they need. This allows them to do a lot of damage during the later stages of the game.

Speaking of carries, there are all sorts of options that you can pick from. Some of them work really well during the mid game, whereas others are useful once the late game arrives. The hero that we'd like to point out in this article is often considered to be a late-game monster because he can easily rip through his opponents. His name is Morphling, an Agility carry that is also known for his one-shot combo with Ethereal Blade.

Despite not always being the hottest hero in the meta, Morphling always played an important role in the game. He has one of the most impressive skill sets in the game, which allows him to work in many combos. For example, there were times when Morphling and Earthshaker were the most potent combo.

Although the hero is deadly, there are several things that people can do to prevent him from utilizing his power. So, let's go over them.

Pick heroes who do well against him

The easiest way to counter one of the best late-game monsters in Dota 2 is by picking heroes that counter him. Although Morphling can do well against almost everything, a couple of names can make him suffer, one of them is Ancient Apparition.

Despite being a support hero, AA's ultimate can make a difference during team fights if it hits Morphling. Since the carry has the ability to have a low HP and more agility, AA's will often be more than enough to kill him if he gets attacked by other heroes.

Another hero that can also make Morphling's life difficult is Elder Titan. Regardless of whether the hero is in the support position or the offlane, his passive ability allows him to remove most of Morph's armor. This might not seem special, but the hero relies on his base armor a lot because he can morph his strength into agility. Once his armor is set to 0, carries who do a lot of physical damage can easily kill him within seconds.

Speaking of other carries, Anti-Mage is probably one of the best heroes you can get vs Morphling. Even though the water elemental can use his ultimate and blink from danger when needed, AM's ability to burn his mana makes him an easy kill, especially later on.

Pick heroes known for their pushing capabilities

As we've mentioned a couple of times, Morphling is a hero that shines the most during the late game. He can do decent damage early on, but it doesn't come close to the things he is capable of once he becomes six-slotted.

In order to avoid having to deal with him, it is advisable to pick heroes known for their pushing capabilities. Even though this strategy might not always work, if you manage to push your opponents early on, it will prevent them from+ having space to form. In other words, you won't allow Morphling to get the items he needs.

Several different strategies will allow you to end the game in no time. Almost all of them involve Drow Ranger because this hero gives her teammates a lot of damage. If your strategy succeeds, Morphling won't be able to rip through your lineups in the late game.

Even though this start can do wonders, it is a double-edged sword because failing to utilize it to its potential almost always results in a loss. Drow Ranger is a powerful right-clicking hero, but she is no match to Morphling in the late game.

Get the right items

Besides the heroes and starts that counter Morphling, you can also deal with the hero if you have the right items. Like most carries, Morhpling is very susceptible to things, such as CC. In other words, items like Scythe of Vyse can do wonders, especially if the hero using them knows what he's doing.

Besides hex, another item that can do an excellent job against Morhpling is Bloodthorn. This is an item that allows others to do an impressive amount of damage in a couple of seconds. Sadly, most Morphling players purchase Manta Style, which is why this item is not always effective.

The good news is that there is a solution for Morphling players who have Manta, and that's Nullifier. Although many people forget about this item, it can do wonders against heroes like Morph. Sadly, Nullifier is not cheap, which is why most heroes can purchase it later on.

Try to nuke him as fast as possible

If you are in a situation where neither of the options mentioned above work, you can try to burst Morphling within seconds. Of course, this is easier said than done because killing a hero as tanky as Morph is extremely complicated.

To succeed, you need to have heroes that do a lot of magical damage. Some of the best examples are Invoker, Lina, Lion, Sand King, etc. When you combine their spells with things like a Veil of Discord or Dagon Level 5, they can kill Morph in seconds. Unfortunately, this strategy is not good in the long run because once they eliminate the carry, there are four other heroes they need to deal with.

Pressure his lane

Lastly, one of the many things you can do to shut down Morphling is to pressure his lane. This is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you pick the right heroes. Morph is not that weak in the lane, but he can be bullied by some heroes. One of the best examples is Undying, a hero that can absolutely annihilate Morphling in the lane.

Dota 2: How to counter Morphling?
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