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Dota 2: How Team Spirit Prepare for the Chengdu Major

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Team Spirit published their schedule to show how they'll prepare on the eve of the upcoming Dota 2 Major.

Jetlag is a big problem in esports – some teams come to the venue a few days earlier to make an adaptation easier, but often it’s impossible due to a busy schedule or financial reasons.

The Team Spirit schedule in its original Russian



A shift of the sleep time:

02.11 – 24:00 – 10:00

03.11 – 24:00 – 9:30

04.11 – 23:30 – 9:00

05.11 – 23:00 – 8:30

06.11 – 22:30 – 8:00

07.11 – 22:00 – 7:30

08.11 – 21:30 – 7:00

09.11 – 21:00 – 06:30

10.11 – 21:00 – 06:00

11.11 – 21:00 – 05:30

12.11 – 21:00 – 05:30

13.11 – 21:00 – 05:30

To-do list

  • Don’t drink coffee, Coca-Cola or a lot of tea after 16:00
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Drink adaptogens in the morning
  • After you wake up, open the curtains and provide the maximum amount of light. Then, make exercise and take a shower. You should have breakfast, saturated with caffeine and tonic substances.
  • In the evening: use melatonin on schedule, dim lights, supper should be saturated with carbohydrates.


We will depart at 19:00. Until the departure, we will have dinner saturated with carbohydrates. On the plane use melatonin, everyone should try to fall asleep; those who won’t sleep – stand up and walk every hour, exercise and drink a lot of water.

After we wake up in the morning, we’ll have breakfast. During the transfer you should move as much as possible, having dinner and don’t sleep on the plane in the daytime!

After our arrival, we check into [the hotel], then we walk, having supper and going to sleep.

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