Dota 2: HellRaisers has a new roster

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Dota 2: HellRaisers has a new roster

The CIS powerhouse is back yet again, and this time, it looks good.

HellRaisers used to be one of the strongest CIS teams back in the days. However, after a series of roster changes, the squad slowly faded away and this ultimately led to its disbanding.

However, the organization was revived yet again in the post-TI 9 period. Even though their roster was very promising, there was an internal conflict between one of the players and the rest, which led to a roster change. Despite that, the CIS s team still played very well at the Dota Summit 11.

New Changes

Now, just a couple of days before the qualifiers for the third Major begin, the CIS team announced yet another roster change. There are three new people in total joining the team, some of which are new to the pro scene. This means that HellRaisers now has a decent mixture between old and new players.

Statement from the CEO of HR

We fell just short of making it to the Minor in the previous qualifiers. Many were upset, but we didn’t give up. Throughout January, we’ve been putting together a lineup and trying different players, which was mostly on Nix, who I fully trust. The roster comprises both experienced guys (Funn1k and xannii) and new blood (Gilgir, coach Accell). Our first games will begin tomorrow. Keep an eye out for more info about the lineup on our YouTube channel

HR’s roster from 1 to 5:

Alexander “Nix” Levin

Arslan “xannii” Shadjanov

Gleb “Funn1k” Lapatnikov

Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov

Georgiy “Gilgir” Svistunov

You can catch the new roster in action in just a couple of days. HellRaisers will try their luck in the qualifiers for Hainan Master Spring Invitational.

Dota 2: HellRaisers has a new roster
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