Dota 2: HellRaisers get Eliminated from the WePlay! Pushka League

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Dota 2: HellRaisers get Eliminated from the WePlay! Pushka League

The Hellraisers will have to raise hell somewhere else now.

Even though the CIS team played pretty well in this event, they finally ran out of luck. This comes just one day after the team suffered a loss from Ninjas in Pyjamas. As a result, they had to fight for their survival against none other than the best CIS Dota 2 team – Virtus.Pro. Sadly, VP was just too much for HellRaisers to deal with as they lost the series with a 0-2 score.

What happened?

The first game of the series was as good as everyone expected it to be. The two teams went head to head with everything they got, which resulted in loads of kills. Nevertheless, neither was really able to get a clear lead over the other.

Suddenly, HR was in the driving seat as they managed to accumulate over 10k net worth advantage. Unfortunately, they were not able to use it properly and gave VP the chance to bounce back. Needless to say, a team of their caliber took full advantage of that and wiped HR’s entire roster, securing themselves the lead.

HellRasiers were just one game away from elimination, so they tried to make something happen. Even though they lost, they had a solid start of the second game in the series. Sadly, it was just not enough to overcome their mighty foes, who were simply the better team that day.

Following the loss, HellRasiers become the first team to be eliminated in the playoffs of this event. As for Virtus.Pro, they are yet to learn the name of their next opponent. However, one thing is for sure – they are looking really strong now and definitely have what it takes to win.

Dota 2: HellRaisers get Eliminated from the WePlay! Pushka League
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