Dota 2: Gambit Reveals New Team

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Dota 2: Gambit Reveals New Team

During the last DPC season, there was one team that definitely stood out. Gambit Esports came out of nowhere and became one of the most dominant CIS teams. What’s more, they quickly became one of the fan-favorites due to their aggressive playstyle mixed with interesting picks.

Unfortunately, the team did not end up with a direct invitation to TI 9. This forced them to go in the deadly qualifiers and hope for the best. Well, let’s just say that things did not go as planned.

Even though they were considered to be as one of the biggest favorites, Gambit Esports was just unable to show their true face and crumbled under pressure. As if that was not enough, we also witnessed one of the first rage-quits during a pro game. This was a clear sign that something had to change.

Dota 2 Gambit Changes

Finally, literally hours before they played in the GG.Bet Hamburg invitational, the team revealed the final roster. The interesting thing is that there is only one player from the old roster – Artiom ‘fng’ Barshack. This was expected because he is one of the veterans in CIS and has the needed experience to lead a team.

Gambit's New Roster

Here is Gambits’ new roster from 1 to 5:

  1. Kilyabek ‘dream’Tayirov
  2. Danil ‘gpk’ Skutin
  3. Maxim ‘Shacho’ Abramovskikh
  4. Danial ‘XSvamp1Re’ Alibaev
  5. Artiom ‘fng’ Barshack

As you can see, there are some familiar names but also new people to the scene. Apart from fng, gpk is probably the most famous player here. Certainly, the CIS superstar was one of the strongest players in Vega Squadron and the main reason for the teams’ success.

On paper, the team looks very solid. Above all, they have a veteran captain alongside new talents, which seems to be the way to go nowadays.

Let’s wish the new Gambit Esports the best of luck in the upcoming tournament. If they manage to win the GG.Bet Hamburg Invitational, they will get a direct invite to ESL One Hamburg 2019.

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Dota 2: Gambit Reveals New Team
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