Dota 2: FlyToMoon Wins The OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division

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Dota 2: FlyToMoon Wins The OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division

Here is what happened in the OMEGA League Europe Divine Division.

Slowly but steadily, the OMEGA League is coming to an end. We saw some pretty amazing matches in both divisions, which was expected, considering the teams that took part in the event.

Speaking of teams, we finally know the name of one of the winners. FlyToMoon was originally in the Immortal Division. In fact, they played pretty well there, until they had to meet Alliance. Even though the CIS team tried to bounce back a few times, the European team delivered its knock-out punch. As a result, FlyToMoon was sent in the Divine bracket.

What happened there

There, the CIS team didn’t really have any problems until they reached the grand final of the upper bracket. Ther, FTM had to fight against 5MAN, which is a pretty promising newly-formed team. The CIS powerhouse tried their best but they ended up losing with a score of 2-1, which pushed them in the LB.

As expected, Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasilenko and his team-mates managed to bounce back yet again. Although it wasn’t exactly like a walk in the park, they managed to reach the Grand Final, where they had to face 5MAN yet again. However, this time, the result was different.

Even though some people expected the same result, FTM actually claimed a clean 3-0 victory. The first game of the series was pretty exciting to watch because 5MAN had a very interesting draft. Instead of going for a mid lane Medusa and a carry Bloodseeker, the team actually put BS in the support role and Dusa was the position one.

It seems like their draft didn’t really work out because the idea was to allow Medusa to farm as much as possible. Sadly, things didn’t go as planned because FTM constantly pressured their enemies. Due to their draft, 5MAN had no way to take good team-fights, which is why they had no choice but to call GG.

Games Two and Three

The second game of the series was pretty fun to watch as well. This time, FlyToMoon released their classic Mars-Phoenix combo, which proved to be really successful. However, the star of the show was the support Dark Willow. She had an amazing game and managed to accumulate a lot of farm. As a result, she was able to kill Ember Spirit, who was the carry for 5MAN. Needless to say, this game also went in favor of FTM.

The CIS powerhouse needed just one game to win the event, so they’ve decided to pick a very aggressive draft. Those of you who’ve been following this team now that FTM shines whenever they have a hyper-aggressive lineup.

On the other hand, 5MAN decided to bet once more on a slow draft that involved Spectre and Medusa. Needless to say, this didn’t work well for them because FTM absolutely demolished them early on. The Batrider-Invoker combo allowed the team to secure loads of kills early on, which didn’t let 5MAN’s cores enough space. As a result, the EU team couldn’t farm at all, which resulted in a loss.

After the victory, FlyToMoon won $10K USD, which is not a bad amount of money for an online event. Having said that, we can’t wait for 2021 to come because we will see the new DPC back in action. This is something that everyone is looking forward to, especially the smaller Dota 2 organizations. As you know, teams like Geek Fam and Reality Rift had to release their rosters due to financial issues.

Dota 2: FlyToMoon Wins The OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division
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