Dota 2: Five Things To Take From the ONE Esports World Pro Invitational

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Dota 2: Five Things To Take From the ONE Esports World Pro Invitational

We break down five of the biggest takeaways from the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational.

After a couple of days of epic action, the final tournament of 2019 is over. Despite not being a DPC event, the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational had one of the biggest prize pools of the year. A total of $500K. Twelve of the best teams in the world went head to head in Singapore. In the end, only one team prevailed Vici Gaming.

Having said that, here are our biggest takeaways from this amazing tournament.

Virtus.Pro needs to man up

VP is without a doubt the most successful CIS team in the last couple of years. They’ve used to dominate nearly every tournament they went to, apart from TI. However, after the roster changes that took place right after TI 9, the current roster is still struggling to get back on the winning track.

Although they have some of the best individual players, it seems like the chemistry between them is just not there. Nevertheless, Virtus.Pro managed to qualify for the Leipzig Major, so they still have a chance to start 2020 on a positive note.

Vici Gaming is the best Chinese team

We can safely say that Vici Gaming is the best Chinese team in the world. Not that many people questioned this before, but some fans still thought that this title belonged to PSG.LGD. Well, by the looks of their recent performance, Vici is just miles ahead right now.

They’ve absolutely ripped through the competition in the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational. The only trouble they had was in the Group Stage, which pushed them in the Lower Bracket. Despite that, Vici showed a phenomenal display of skills and deserved to take the trophy in Singapore.

TNC Predator has to make a change

Despite winning the first Major of the new DPC, TNC is just nowhere to be found lately. It seems like the new patch drastically changed the way they play Dota 2. There is no sign of the hyper-aggressive lineups that their famous for; which definitely reflects on their results.

After a questionable performance in the qualifiers they’ve barely managed to get a slot for the Leipzig Major. People thought that this was just a “one-time deal.” But this LAN event in Singapore proved otherwise.

If TNC wants to remain a leading force in Dota 2, they need to change something. Hopefully, this won’t be their roster because they have very talented players.

North America is safe with Evil Geniuses

North America has not been the best Dota 2 region in the last year. In fact, nearly every single team there, (apart from EG,) failed to achieve anything noticeable over the last DPC season.
Nowadays, although Chaos EC is slowly becoming stronger. But EG is still the leading force in their region.

As you know, they went through a very noticeable roster change after TI 9. As a result, two of the strongest players in the world in the face of Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev and Abed Azel L. Yusop joined the team.

Even though people didn’t believe this roster would work, it seems like EG is proving them wrong. After a couple of shaky quals, the NA powerhouse is starting to look very strong. They’ve stomped everyone in the group stage and afterward; right up until they met Vici Gaming in the Grand Final. Despite losing, the TI 5 champs clearly sent a message that they will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

Alliance is a dangerous team

After acquiring Adrian “Fata” Trinks’s new stack, Alliance is looking very, very good. After winning DreamLeague Season 12, Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov and his team proved that they didn’t do it randomly. In fact, they’ve been one of the most consistent teams in the new DPC. Despite the elimination by Vici Gaming, Alliance proved that they have what it takes to fight against the best teams in the world.
It will be very interesting to see the European powerhouse in the upcoming Leipzig Major. After all, it will be the first DPC tournament where the vast majority of “top” teams will be there, so this will be another test for Alliance.

2019 was one of the best years for every Dota 2 fan out there. Not only did we see tons of amazing tournaments, but we also saw a team that won TI two consecutive times.

By the looks of it, 2020 will also be an amazing year for our favorite game. The action begins on the January 9, with the second DPC event of the season the Bukovel Minor.

Dota 2: Five Things To Take From the ONE Esports World Pro Invitational
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