Dota 2: Five Mistakes You Should Avoid In PUB Games in 7.33c

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Dota 2: Five Mistakes You Should Avoid In PUB Games in 7.33c

Here are five things you should avoid doing in your Dota 2 PUB Games in 7.33c.

Even though many people like watching the best Dota 2 teams in action, others are more interested in grinding and gaining as much MMR as possible. Some people were fed up with the last meta, so the arrival of 7.33 was a breath of fresh air because it introduced many new things. Unsurprisingly, this allowed many people to bounce back in their ranking game and reach Immortal.

Sadly, not everyone who plays pub games becomes more successful because some people have problems ranking. Many Dota 2 players think that they’re unable to rank because of their teammates, but in reality, it’s because of the mistakes they make.

Speaking of things players should avoid doing, the Dota 2 mistakes list is pretty big, and we can’t include everything. However, a couple of things are definitely worth knowing, so let’s learn more about them.

Mistake #1 – Using a hero that’s hot in the meta but we’re not good at

meepo-dota2 7.32b

The Dota 2 patch 7.33 delivered a lot of changes to the game and made some heroes feel a lot stronger. 7.33d changed even more things, but there is no argument that certain heroes like Medusa feel much better than the rest.

However, the fact that a specific hero is hot in the meta doesn’t mean we should use it. On the contrary, players should only use it if they know how it works and are comfortable with it. Those who have problems with the specific hero won’t be able to win, even if the latter is the strongest in the current meta.

There are several interesting Dota 2 heroes to pick from in 7.33c if you look at their win rate, and one of them is Meepo. Despite being among the best, he is a very complex hero that only a few people know how to use properly. So, if you do not have the needed unit control, there is no point in picking Meepo.

Mistake #2 – Not relying on your team at all

Dota WTF Ez kill

Let’s face it, most Dota 2 players assume that they’re way better than their teammates and the only reason why they’re not among the top 500 is because of them. As a result, they often do not rely on them for anything and pick a hero that can potentially win the game on his own.

There might be instances where this tactic could work, but in reality, this isn’t the case. Even if we are substantially better than other players around our MMR, Dota 2 is a team-based game. Hence, we need their help to win.

When it comes down to relying on our team, this can come in different forms. If you’re playing a core hero in Dota 2, you may want your support to help you in the laning stage and stack the jungle camps for later on. That said, if you are the support, you have to try and talk to your cores and make sure you help them with what you need.

Once you start working as a team, achieving your goals and winning as many games as possible will be much easier.

Mistake #3 – Not buying the correct items

We have tons of guides on ESTNN about the Items in Dota 2 and the things that you need to be aware of before getting them. The 7.33 patch changed a lot of things about them because players have access to many new items. In addition to the standard ones, there are also new Neutral Items that can change the course of the game. That said, people need to be careful what they go for.

Every hot hero has a specific item build that makes him more effective than usual. Yet, there are many cases players need to think outside the box in order to win the game. The bad news is that not many Dota 2 players like that and often buy the wrong items.

The examples here are endless, and it depends entirely on your opponents. For example, there are many cases where heroes don’t need a BKB because there aren’t that many heroes with CC abilities in the enemy team.

Mistake #4 – Not taking full advantage of the new neutral camps

As mentioned several times, the Dota 2 patch 7.33 changed the map from the ground up, and one of the new things that players have access to is a lot of neutral camps. This means only one thing – core heroes can get even more farms and buy the items they need much faster. 

The players that are higher rated in Dota 2 always take advantage of those things, especially when playing heroes that can clear camps faster. However, this isn’t true for most of the lower-MMR players. Instead of clearing neutral camps, they only focus on the lane, meaning they miss out on a lot of gold.

Camp stacking is becoming increasingly popular in 7.33c because Valve allowed the hero that stacked it to get 30% of the experience. This is a pretty big motivation for support to do that, so we can expect to see a lot more stacking, even in the lower MMR brackets.

Tip #5 – Playing when we’re not feeling like it

The last Dota 2 mistake that people make all the time, regardless of the patch, is related to the fact that they’re playing even when they’re not feeling like it. Some people do that because they are competitive and want to reach their desired rating as fast as possible. However, others do it because they are bored. 

In both cases, it is not advisable to do that because you will not be playing correctly and will most likely lose the game. This often leads to a series of losses because most Dota 2 players will not stop until they win at least one match. Needless to say, there are many cases where this just doesn’t happen, and people tank tons of MMR for no reason.

Dota 2: Five Mistakes You Should Avoid In PUB Games in 7.33c
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